From Agility to Freestyle with Xena

Hey friends! I graduated from my Agility too class and I can prove it. I got another piece of paper saying so. Strangely enough, it has Daddy’s name on it too. He has never, ever gone with us. I don’t think he even knows what Agility too is. Mommy says I should give him a break ’cause he’s my Daddy and he loves me. I love you too, Daddy. ❤

Now we are going to focus on Freestyle for a while, and will probably go back to Agility again after we perform in Freestyle in April at the Chattanooga Obedience Club meeting. We’ve started working on our performance a tiny little bit. Last Sunday we worked on opening shapes. But I don’t think Mommy’s knees are up to what the teacher asked us to do. You can watch it here if you want. You can hear the teacher, Miss Julia’s voice asking us to try it different ways.

Our homework is to use an opening shape (we hope one that Mommy can get up from a little more gracefully) and turn it into a movement, then into a closing shape. We have two weeks before our next class, so we should be OK. At least if Mommy stays off her knees.  *sigh*  We worked on all kinds of turns, too. Miss Julia asked me and Mommy to demonstrate the yahtzee turn, and we did it perfectly! (Mommy’s been working ahead with me at home ’cause she already knows all this stuff.)

Did you see me scratching at the end of the video? Allergy season has started to hit, and I have only been getting my sea rum for 2 months, not quite long enough for it to work good yet. Mommy had an email conversation with my allergy dogtor and now I have to get more baths (drat) and almond butter covered Xertec (yum). He’s trying to take my beef-chicken-egg diet away from me, too, but Mommy thinks if it was the food that I would have itched all winter, and I didn’t. So phthh! to the allergy dogtor on that one.

Gotta go practice my Freestyle now.

I am Xena the Dancing Schnauzer Warrior Princess

27 thoughts on “From Agility to Freestyle with Xena

    1. Hi Rosy! Don’t give up on your Mama. I think she is trainable. My Mom is now trying to train my Daddy to work with Lucy, he, he. Oh, and that was Agility that Mom has to get on her knees for! XOX Xena


  1. Xena you are doing so well in freestyle. I loved your lying down and watching Mom from the side………you looked like the Sphinx, very regal. I wonder if that sports tape that comes in colors could help Mom’s knees. It’s the kind they use in the Olympics. Good thing you’re not down here. Right now I have plum trees in bloom, Bradford Pear, some wild trees with white flowers, a huge Japanese Magnolia Camellias and Daffodils! None of the dogs are itching but I have a runny nose. Now I’ll have a flowerless spring.
    A big Congratulations on Agility Two.

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    1. Me and Mommy (but especially I) missed you and were worried something bad happened, and then we found your comments in our spam folder. Grrr. Anyhoo, now Mommy is saying phooee to what the teacher want, she will find a different opening and we’ll go from there. You should see me do under leg crosses, Granny. I’m the best, woo hoo! XOXOXOXO Xena


  2. after watching this I understand you thinking Big is the worlds laziest dog. compared to you he is for sure… Lucy will understand him better I think. you and your mama are really smart

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    1. Thanks! There’s a KISS song that Mommy’s going to play when I get my first championship. And financial reasons?? Mommy pays for our classes…. Oh well, I still love you all. XOX Xena


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