Grooming with Mom: Lucy and Aoife

Lucy here, Ace Reporter on the Groom Beat. Today I am going to feature two new dogs that came to Mom for grooms. The first one has the same name as me…can you imagine?

A neighbor called and asked about grooming her Maltese/Bishon mix. She said she had been widowed six weeks ago and the dog was a mess. Mom quickly put it together that this lady was the wife of the man whose twin engine plane went down in the Tennessee River and both he and his passenger were killed. Mom knew Frank ’cause he was outside a lot when we went for walks. On Halloween he would dress up scary and jump out from behind a tree to scare the kids. Mom nicknamed him Frank-enstein! Anyhoo, we weren’t busy right then, so Miss Janet brought Lucy on over. Lucy is a very sweet 8-year-old who acts like a pro on the groom table. Here is her “after” picture – Mom forgot to get a “before” picture.
She kissed Mom and sang about how good it felt to be groomed. Can you see her tail wagging?

Xena might have already told you that Mom is working part-time as Office Manager at a Jewish Synagogue. She has gotten to know some of the people, and one of the congregants and volunteers asked Mom to groom her Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. Mom spent a long time watching videos to get ready since she had never groomed that breed. Wheatens hail from Ireland, so her Irish name is Aoife, pronounced Eefa. She isn’t quite a year old. This is what Aoife looked like when she got here at 11:30 last Monday morning. Her mom, Laurie, warned Mom that Aoife had some mats, and it turned out that her mom had no idea just how matted she was. Mom was determined to save Aoife’s coat, and spent hours de-matting her while she and Laurie gabbed about anything and everything. They even came upstairs and had cups of tea while Aoife was under the dryer. Laurie is a good petter, by the way, and said I am beautiful and sweet. 🙂 After drying Aoife, Mom found a bunch more mats and got back to work. The long blade on the clippers wouldn’t go through her hair, so Aoife got a scissor cut and gave Mom lots and lots of sloppy kisses. Miss Laurie sent us this picture from her house. We have no idea how Aoife’s hair got standing up on her head, ’cause it wasn’t like that when, at 5:30 pm – six hours after she had arrived – Mom declared her finished.Mom said this one set a record for the longest groom in Mom’s grooming history which she started in 1991. Miss Laurie gave her lots of money, though, and promised to comb her out really good every single day. She already made an appointment to come back in six weeks.

That’s all until next time, folks. Wiggles and waggles from Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off for now.

34 thoughts on “Grooming with Mom: Lucy and Aoife

  1. Oh Ma LOVES Wheatens! Your Moms did a FABulous job! Ma use to have an Old English Sheepdog, and once she got lazy with the brushing, and her furs had to be almost shaved too. I’m glads your Moms was able to save Aoife’s coat! I’m sure Aoife appreciates it too!
    And Lucy looks FABulous too! I’m so sorry abouts her Pops….I am sure it meant the world to her Moms to have that off her plate. {{hugs}} to her, and his passenger’s family.
    I hopes this didn’t give Ma any ideas….she’s no pawfessional like your Moms, and nothin’ scarier than when she says “oops!” when grooming me!!!!!!
    Ruby ♥

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    1. Never tried that. I use The Stuff that is made for people grooming show dogs and it is also a conditioner. It usually works great, and I think without it I would have had to shave. I may try the Cowboy one when I run out. Thanks.

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  2. Great Grooming ……..Your moms patience went right through her hands to the two dogs and they both left happy campers. Thanks for the report Lucy. Bet your calm demeanor helped the two new clients too.

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  3. I am finding your reporting of Moms grooming skills very interesting. I have been owned by dogs for 70 plus year and never had one that needed to be groomed. they were always like you sweet Reporter. Just beautiful and needing a bath… aren’t you glad you don’t have to be combed, brushed and trimmed? of course the nails have to… Mom did a great job on the Irish dog

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  4. Hari OM
    Lucy, these are wonderfurs transformations… your mum has magic hands (and scissors)! so glad these doggies appreciated their salon sessions. thanks again for repawting. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx (who has been reading, but visitors cut down commenting time…)

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