Demise of the Hated Bush

It happened! Mom can be a force of nature when she gets her mind set on something. Since Dad said, “No.” to the brush killer, Mom had to come up with plan D. If you remember, plan A was for someone who wanted big bushes to come dig them up and take them, but the roots were in the rain water drain running away from the house and we only lost one bush that day. Plan B was for Brother Andrew to cut them down, but he got obsessed with busy power washing the shed and doing some other stuff out back and it got late and he had to leave without cutting any bushes. Plan C was to kill them by spraying brush killer. We heard the Hated Bush laugh when Dad said, “No.” (If you missed that whole story, you can read about it here.)

So on to plan D. Mom told Brother Andrew she would come pick him up to finish the job. That way he was trapped and couldn’t go home until the Hated Bush was dead. We know the Hated Bush just chuckled under its breath, not believing Bro Andrew would actually get to it before dark, ha, ha. You tell me if it was right.

It didn’t stand a chance. *sigh* Mom made sure that was the first bush killed. My ex-boyfriend buddy Riley came over too, and we snoopervised.  Xena  tried  to  get  in  on  the  action  but  we  ignored  her. This was a job for big dogs.When Bro Andrew came in and said he was done, Mom said, “No, no, you missed one,” and sent him back out. So he went back out and even dug up most of the roots. End results:

The little azalea bush that we helped Mom plant last fall was allowed to stay. Now Mom is planning on raking the dirt and mulch to the side, laying down more landscaping fabric, planting hostas, raking everything back and laying down new mulch. Whew. That sounds like a lot of work. I hope we don’t have to help. We would much rather do zoomies. (footage taken from last spring when the Hated Bush still felt secure in it’s home)

Love and wags, Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

30 thoughts on “Demise of the Hated Bush

  1. Oh, that is FABulous!!!! I am so glads you puppers were there to snoopervise the demise of the evil bush! We have some all over our front yardie that Ma would loves to send to the mulcher!
    Oh, and I love that video! Your zoomies are epic!
    Ruby ♥

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  2. Well dun ree-movin dreaded bush! They can bee tricky fore sure! Hostas are lovelee an will multy-ply on their own once they are rooted… You did grate Lucy an Riley….
    Xena wee won’t tell THE big doggies you were snoopervizor OKay?
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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    1. Mommy’s grand plan is to have the front look pretty without her having to do much with it during the year. She lazy, er, I mean busy with us and with grooming other doggies. *whew* I am glad you noticed that I can snoopervise just as good as the big dogs. In fact, I’m told I’m even bossier! xox Xena


  3. You dogs did a great job keeping everyone on task! Without you, this would have never been accomplished. You pups are so beautiful while doing zoomies!

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    1. No birds’ nests, Kismet. But Mom did take a wreath off the front door last week and a bird’s nest and all it’s eggs fell out and broke. Mom still feels terrible about that and asked God to help the bird forgive her. ~Lucy


  4. wow, those are some really fast zoomies… looks like a lot of fun. glad that bush is gone, because I don’t know what plan E would be. ha ha… I told Big you were JUST playing with Riley. BOL

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      1. our silly Ms Cardinale is sitting on her nest of eggs. I moved it from the same spot, she built another. it is about 24 inches above Bigs Head Height. I fret over what will happen when they hatch


  5. Bravo!!! Andrew 1 Bush =0…has your andrew plans for the weekend? if not please send him to us, we have such a hated bush too… it drives the mama crazy and us too because a gazillion of ants sits there every summer… no chance to get the laundry in without having this evil critters efurrywhere…

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