Return of the Clan Bears

I heard some rustling near the closet cave and sure enough, my bears were done with their winter hibernation.

Brownie Bear was carrying the poor crippled bear who has two useless legs, only one arm, and no ears. I think he used to be Riley’s, who cruelly used and discarded him.  I never thought he’d make it through the winter, but he sure is tough. My friends didn’t seem to even notice me standing there wagging my tail.

I was so happy to see them, but they plodded right by me on their way to the kitchen. I guess if I went all winter without eating -except for the occasional midnight raid on the fridge – I would be like a brain-eating zombie, too.

I waited until they cleaned out the fridge and transformed back into my bear friends again. Then Rainbow and Sweetheart Bears came into my kennel to visit with me while Brownie and the little purple bear (whose name I don’t know) finished licking out the fridge (boys!).

Pretty soon everyone was together, just like old times. I told them about everything that happened while they slept all winter. They were happy I got help for my allergies, and that I passed two agility classes, and that I love dancing Freestyle with Mommy. I introduced them to Jen-Jen Bear, who immediately became a part of their clan. I think she and Sweetheart are going to be BFF’s.

It was what is called an “emotionally exhausting day.” Without meaning to, we all settled into a puppy/bear pile for a happy nap.

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

33 thoughts on “Return of the Clan Bears

        1. The Clan Bears are taking care of Purrince Bear, and they have all started calling him that, which makes him even happier. He likes your idea of doing a happy dance sitting down. Thanks, Miss BellaDharma. You have a good heart. xoxoxo Xena

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          1. ^^blushess deeplee^^
            Xena you are so sweet to say such a nice thing ’bout mee. Mee triess mee deer frend….mee so happy Purrince Bear iss OKay an iss doin a *happy dance* sittin down! (This iss what LadyMew doess now ’cause shee can not reelly dance propurr anymore…) 😉
            **purrsss** BellaDharma
            Pee S: a *kiss* fore Purrince Bear X

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  1. Xena, you have the most pawsome Bear Clan!!! I have a BIG bear too, butts no clan. I thinks I need a clan so I can gets more stuffies……I mean BEARS. I loves the rainbow bear, I wonder if she has any cousins….
    Ruby ♥

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    1. It’s exhausting trying to keep track of everyone, Sam. If Rainbow Bear went off with Elsa, I wouldn’t know where to look for her! Xena PeeEss I think you are very handsome. Pee Ess Ess That doesn’t mean I want to be your girlfriend. Just wanted to be clear about that. Xena

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  2. Mee-yow wow yore Clan of Cave Bearss iss pawsum! May mee suggest a name fore yore little crippelled bear? As hee iss purpull an ‘angel’ Unkell Siddhartha was a Purrince can wee call yore bear Purrince??
    If you like it grate butt if you have another name iss OKay too!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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    1. BellDharma you are a genius. That would honor our friend Angel Purrince Siddhartha Henry, and make the little purple bear feel better about himself. I’m going to run and tell him he has a new name and it is Purrince, like a real Purrince we used to know! xoxoxox Xena

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  3. Oh my goodness! I adore your bear clan. They are so cute (after they stop being zombies!). BTW, I meant to tell your mom that the mimicry training is used a lot for freestyle so you might enjoy it! Have a great weekend!

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