Hostages and Peeing Eels

Xena: After the Demise of the Hated Bush as well as the removal of all the other bushes by our brother Andrew, the front of the house looked bare. Mommy had decided on some plants called hostages because they are peeing eels and she doesn’t have to keep planting them every year. I promised to help pee on them, but Mommy assured me the plants would be better off without my help.

Lucy: Uh, Xena, they aren’t hostages. They are hostas. And I don’t think eels pee on them. The word is something else.

Xena: I know Mommy didn’t call them Something Else

Lucy: No, no, I meant…oh never mind.

Xena: Yesterday we drove almost an hour to pick up my older brother Adam, and then drove almost another hour back to our Freestyle dance class (Adam came with us). The little farmer’s market that is in that area was open, and we got some hostages.

Brother Adam helped carry the heavy stuff and dig and plant.

First they raked all the old stuff off to the side. Then they found bare spots and put down new landscape cloth. Isn’t that cool? It’s like they wanted to dress the ground! Then they cut holes in the cloth and planted the hostages. Next they raked the old stuff back over it. Brother Adam carried a bunch of bags of black mulch from where Daddy had unloaded them out back. Adam and Mommy, they cut the bags open and covered everything but the new hostages and the few bushes that were left – and, of course, us. I know all this because me and Lucy, we snoopervised. Where are you going, Lucy? Lucy: The work is done, nothing more to do here. Let’s skeedadle before Mom catches us for a free photo shoot. Besides, the sun is in my eyes.Lucy: I told you to run, Xena.  Xena: Where’s the cookies? Lucy: We’re working for free, just like brother Adam.  Xena: Where’s brother Adam? Lucy: Mom sent him to mow the grass.

Love, and Happy Easter and Happy Passover from Lucy and Xena and the Mom, and the Hostages with Peeing Eels

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

24 thoughts on “Hostages and Peeing Eels

  1. Mew mew mew oh Xena yore such a cute an sweet an funny doggie girl…Those plantss ARE Hostass like Lucy said…
    An mee wunderss if Miss Amy said they are purr-en-ne-all?? Not peein eelss which iss reely cute tho’! Hu’manss have funny language rite???
    An Brothur Adam weked hard…what a nice Hu’man!
    ***purrrsss*** BellaDharma

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    1. purr-en-ne-all? I guess I will have to watch to see if they purr or pee. Mom’s been pouring water on them every day so any pee would be washed away. We love our brother Adam. (He likes me best.) xox Xena

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  2. That landscape cloth works! (If you can keep the pups from grabbing it and tugging it )
    While Molly went to play with friends, Staff quickly worked to get some yard work done without assistance. Win-win!
    That last picture is so expressive. What cute helpers you have

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  3. you can snoopervise me anytime, and I love the little outset they built that is just right for the two of you to pose in. I do hope you got treats and that neither of you peed on the hostages. good Job Andrew……

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    1. Hi Miss Sandra. That little area was already there but no one could see or use it because of the Hated Bush. Mommy’s thinking about putting a big planter there but we don’t know when brothers Adam or Andrew are coming over again, he, he. xox Xena

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  4. If you believe in the Easter Bunny, it means you believe in a fat, purple bunny, which is pooping multi-color eggs in your garden and now that your garden is all cleaned up I think I would run him out. Hope you had no cracked eggs in your basket. Happy Easter
    Sweet William The Scot

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    1. We didn’t get a basket. Mommy said that with the food we eat, every day is like a holiday for us. I would still like a basket, even if a fat purple bunny brought it. Xena


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