Grooming with Mom: Art Imitating Groom

Lucy, Ace Reporter on the Groom Beat, here. Today I have a bit of a different report. You have already met Maggie the schnauzer and Dora the shih tzu. They have been coming to Mom to be groomed for six years. Their mom’s sister-in-law is an artist. Can you see the pictures she is painting? On the left is the picture their mom took, and on the right is the painted portrait.

In other news, most of the folks wanting their pups groomed before Easter came by the weekend before. Our friend Pete the Chorkie lives in the neighborhood and his mom goes to church with our folks, so Petey came Easter Saturday and got lots of special attention. He’s been having some health problems, including a collapsing trachea and he coughs when he’s nervous.

I stayed with him to help him be calm, and we were glad to report to his mom that he only coughed once while he was here. He’s also had to get sub-q fluids every week. His mom said that he hates it so much that he runs and hides when he sees her getting things ready to do that. So she has decided to stop and hope and pray for the best. Maybe you could send him some POTP too. It sure has helped some of our other friends who sit on Mom’s table.

This is Lucy Ace Reporter signing off. *wags*

31 thoughts on “Grooming with Mom: Art Imitating Groom

  1. Oh that painting is FABulous! She is a wonderful painter! Such cute puppers!
    I just knew that you were a wonderful ASSistant Lucy! Good job keepin’ Pete calm so your Moms could make him look super duper handsome! Sendin’ lots and lots of POTP and AireZens to Pete!
    Ruby ♥

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  2. What a beautiful painting…I so admire folks who can draw and paint…
    As for grooming…I’ve often said if my hair dresser moved I’d have to follow her. She could cut my hair with a blindfold on I think.
    Hugs Cecilia

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  3. Mee-yow wow sweet little Pete! Hee iss a reel true-purr poor doggie! Iss a ‘Chorkie’ a cross of Chihuahua an Yorkie???
    Wee so happy that you keeped Pete calm Lucy an hee onlee coffed once….Yore a *star* mee frend! ❤
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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          1. Mee asked LadyMew ’bout ‘doptin a Chorkie an shee sorta looked at mee like mee was crazey! Then shee said ‘Maybee’ which meenss ‘NO!’ inn Hu’man…..
            If onlee LadyMew cuud walk a doggie…. **sighsss**

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  4. lots of love and POTP coming Petes way… the artist is truly talented. Wow! your mom is talented to making all the pups look pretty again

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  5. Poor Pete! I know how our fur buddies hate to have their medicine because I have to give my kitty boy Andy two different blood pressure medicines twice a day. He is NOT amused! (Hope the treatment helps hime with the collapsing trachea – sounds like a terrible and frightening condition for a little guy to have.)

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      1. I hope to avoid that with my two cats. I briefly was on insulin and had to give myself injections. The hospital trained me by having me “inject” an orange. Though I got over the “ick” response quickly enough, if I thought about it, acccidentally, when doing the deed, I’d end up failing to inject myself. I suspect I’d have a similar problem giving an injecdtion to my cats!


  6. oh what a super artist she is… we love her paintings!!! and we love your mom’s work, she is an artist too and she can do wonders with her hands… absolutely!!!! if the groomer of the mama had such hands too, the mama would visit her much more , but sadly talent is something you should have inside of you and nothing you can learn… sigh…

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