Brownie Bear and the Bully Horn


Lucy: My Easter Bully Horn is all chewed up – more like shredded – at the big end. I can’t figure out what happened.
I wonder if my sister did this… I’m going to find out.

Xena, stop right there.
‘Fess up, Xena. Did you shred the end  of my bully horn?

Xena: I didn’t mess up your stupid bully horn. You probably did it yourself. Or it was Brownie Bear. You know he was trying to get it. Yeah, that’s it. You wait here for a minute and I’ll prove to you it was Brownie.

OK, Lucy, come on in. Here’s the proof.

Brownie Bear: *yawn* Where did this come from?

Lucy: Grrr. You chewed up my horn!

Brownie: I need to stay up here with you for a while, Ludwig.

Late that night, in bed…

Mommy, Lucy thought I chewed up her Bully Horn and I didn’t and I didn’t know how to make her believe me so I blamed Brownie Bear ’cause he really might have and then I might have put the horn by him while he was asleep and I was a bad girl for maybe doing that, wasn’t I? And do you believe me that I didn’t chew it up?Mommy: I love you so much, baby girl. Yes, I believe you, and you are still going to have to tell Lucy the truth about Brownie Bear and tell Brownie you’re sorry.

*yawn* I will Mommy, I promise, as soon as I wake up tomorrow.

And no more making up things that gets others in trouble, you hear?

I *yawn* promise I wo…zzzzzzzzzz

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess


35 thoughts on “Brownie Bear and the Bully Horn

  1. Mew mew mew Xena mee thinkss that Ludwig guy iss yore perp! Hee cuud have dun it….
    Lucy wuud nevurr chew yore bully horn or any other toy….shee iss such a guud girl 😉 An Lucy do you reelly think yore sweet Sistur Xena wuud do that to you??? GNAW!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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  2. at least you have a bully horn, momma will not let me have one because I chew so hard I shred off pieces. I chewed pieces off my nylabones and they say indestructible. SHE is afraid I will swallow the fake stuff. I told her wolves eat stuff like that and they are ok… hope it goes well when you explain to Lucy what you did

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  3. you are totally innocent, because the same happened with our bully horns too… we thing it was aome other dog, that guy is full of mischief and he travels around da world to bring trouble to us pups…

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  4. Xena, next time blame it on the squirrels ~ it is a most plausible explanation, and it wouldn’t be a lie, it would be an ‘educated conclusion’. Since tree rats are the brunt of all unexplained destruction in doggie’s lives, it is, therefore, NOT a lie. and Lucy won’t sit on your head for chewin’ her horn ☺
    Ruby ♥

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  5. What a beautiful picture Nose Kisses with “The Eye” The schnauzer look that melts a thousand hearts. What a special Mommie you have Xena, she was strong enough to tell you that what you did was wrong and that putting blame on someone else and knowing you were doing it caused both Lucy ( who believed you)and growled at Brownie and poor Brownie Bear who was asleep and had no idea what happened had an unpleasant day.They are your friends and part of your family. Make your apologies quickly and with meaning. ( PS) Mom, use a dremel on the “shredded” end of the bully horn, it will smooth it out and Lucy will think she has a new one. Poor Lucy, she stays confused by her little sister.
    Granny T

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