Time with My Daddy

I’ve been thinking about my birthday coming up on the first official day of summer – June 21. I know boxes have been delivered from Amazon that Mommy has whisked away without letting me see what’s in them. I think it’s going to be a good birthday.

I’ll be two years old. But I’ve also been wondering if that means I’m all grown up and what changes I need to make. Should I stop saying “Mommy” and “Daddy” and instead say “Mom” and “Dad”? Do I still get to spend time in Dad(dy)’s lap?

And sleeping between Mommy and Daddy at night?


Mom said that me at the table reminded her a lot of Angel Lexi.

I wonder how old I will have to be to get my own seat at the table like Angel Lexi. There’s just so many things to think about now that I’m almost two.

Relax, Xena, you’ll know what to do. Everything will come in it’s own time. You will make new friends like I did with Spike here. You still have a lot to learn, and lots more treats to eat. And it doesn’t really matter what you call our folks, they will always love you, until the end of the world. 

Wow, it’s so wonderful to have a Guardian Angel as great as Lexi. She helps me a lot. Now I’m thinking about last week when it was just me and Daddy -well, and Lucy -at home alone. I saw a little white moth flying over my head, like it was saying “Hello.” I looked up at it and watched it go past, like the schnauzer in the picture on the yard flag Mommy got.

Then the little white moth flew over Lucy to say hello, and Lucy looked up too – and ate it! So far the score is Lucy-2, lizard – 0, moth – 0.

And now I’m thinking about the times lately that Lucy and I have been watching out the window and started howling together. We stop, look at each other to decide whether to continue, and usually let out one more good howl. Daddy might have recorded the last one. I’ll ask him to give it to me to show you soon. So maybe I don’t have to change anything. Maybe new things will just come while other things stay the same, just like my Angel Lexi said. I think I will just relax and go on to Freestyle practice with Mommy.

I am Xena the almost two-year-old Schnauzer Warrior Princess



31 thoughts on “Time with My Daddy

  1. Absolutely no changes needed Xena. No matter your age you will always be the peeps baby girl. Even when Madi was well into her teens I still called her baby girl
    Hugs and thank you for these beautiful photos

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  2. You knows what gurl? I thinks you should call your Pops ANYTHING you wants too! It is TOTALLY up to you! That’s the advantage of being a big gurl ~ you gets to make decisions like that for yourself! Isn’t that FABulous?!
    I thinks you are gonna loves being two…I don’t quite remembers all that way back, butts I do remembers getting in lots of mischief! heheheee
    Angel Lexie is keepin’ a good eye on you ~ you are very lucky!
    Ruby ♥

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    1. I like Daddy’s lap. It is a bit bigger and I feel so safe there. I like his smell, too. I’m sorry you don’t have a daddy. I don’t think you can buy them at the store, either. xox Xena


  3. Meow meow mee used to ask those sort of questshunss when mee was 2 yeerss old….mee life was nothin guud like yoress Xena…
    ‘Angel’ Lexi iss watchin voer you an shee iss rite things will change of stay THE same as they are ment to do. If you want to call Miss Amy ‘Mum’ innsted of ‘Mummy then go fore it! You know yore Hu’man Pawentss love you no matter what you call them.
    Look how many namess mee had fore mee Meowy…it tooked mee a while to settell on LadyMew….
    An Lucy you eated a Lizzyard?? Fore reel?? Did it taste like chick-hen? Mew mew mew…..
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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  4. Almost 2 years old, you’ll become a young lady right before our eyes. With Angel Lexie watching over you a wonderful road with no bends or turns lies ahead of you. Mom and Dad and even Lucy will also be your guides. .You have so many adventures ahead to share with us. Ban’t wait to see pictures of your party.
    Granny T .


  5. Hari OM
    If it helps any, Xe-xe, I still call my ol’ fella “daddy” – and I am 87 gazillion times older than you are!!! But yeah, just let it roll. Wake up each day and see what it holds. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

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  6. you are most certainly a Warrior Princess, i loved every word of you wonderings and i agree with Angel Lexie, do what you are doing, you do it well and they all love you lots, even Lucy the moth eater loves you. i do hope we get to hear the duet howl…please daddy let us hear it

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