My Birthday Brekkies and the Ball from Outer Space

My day started with a good breakfast.

That’s mine on the right: ground deer meat, egg, broccoli, yellow bell pepper, apple and a flax seed supplement sprinkled over it. Mmmm.

Then I went downstairs to the freestyle play room with Mommy. I practiced “touch it,” “tugger,” and the one I invented, “waltz.” I am very good at all of those!

Touch It: In this game, Mommy says, “Touch it!” and I run over to the paint can and touch it with my nose. That gets a piece of cheese thrown to me before Mommy calls me back to her side. We take one step back and do it again. And again.

Tugger: We stand next to each other. First, Mommy walks around to my other side and we stand still for a moment before I get a piece of cheese. Then I walk in front of Mommy to her other side, and sometimes I get a piece of cheese then, too. We keep doing that until we run out of room.

Waltz: This is a fun game. It’s a lot like Tugger, but we both keep moving, with me starting. Then, as soon as Mommy gets mostly around me, I turn and circle around her front and then she circles around my front and so on until we run out of room. It makes Mommy dizzy, BOL. We usually end with me doing a back leg pivot before she falls down, BOL, BOL.

So, just when things seemed to be going great, I realized I was in trouble. Mommy swept me up in her arms and carried me into the groom room. I got a bath and nail trim. She said it was because I was itching all night. I was glad to know it’s not a birthday ritual.

Back upstairs, I found a bag waiting for me.

I wasn’t sure what to do with it.

Hmmm, what is this? After Mommy cut open the packaging I saw that it’s a ball.

The ball moved and talked. That was scary different.

I decided to hide hang out in my kennel while Lucy kept poking the alien ball from outer space.

We’ll be celebrating more when Mommy gets home from work. Hopefully, it will all be non-scary alien balls fun stuff. I’ll let you know tomorrow how the rest of my second birthday turns out!

I am 2-year-old Xena Warrior Schnauzer Princess


28 thoughts on “My Birthday Brekkies and the Ball from Outer Space

  1. OMW you gots a new ball to… Big boy loves his and chases it and sleeps with it, and it makes a racket.. i was reading this post to Big Boy’s daddy and every time i said the word Ball Big woke up and stared at me, thinking i was talking about his. happy birthday and that breakfast is worthy of a King and Queen

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      1. yours is way to small for him. he swallows things and we don’t give him toys that fit in his mouth. all his balls are really big and impossible to swallow. thanks though.

        Liked by 1 person

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