Working on Freestyle and My Certificate

As most of you know, we are back working on Freestyle. We also call it dancing. I finally got my Freestyle certificate after about 87 weeks of finishing the first class. I love to dance!  Sometimes my peeps put on music and dance downstairs where they have a real dance floor. Lucy and I sit off to the side and watch, and sometimes we ask to dance too. Then Mommy will take turns dancing with us.

Anyhoo, this last time going to Freestyle was pretty scary. As we were driving down the highway, the sky got darker and darker and then it started spitting at us. I had on my Thundershirt, which helps me to be brave when I’m riding in the car. I also had on my car harness which keeps me safe. But suddenly the sound of the rain hitting the windshield got super loud, and I wasn’t wearing my super hero cape.I panted and shook most of the rest of the way there. But once there, the sky turned blue and all I could think about was dancing! Mommy is my choreographer, and sometimes I show her new dance steps that I make up. She loves it when I do that and puts them into our routine. This first video is our very first attempt to dance our routine to our new music. I did great, but Mommy, well, just keep in mind it was our first try.

Mommy actually forgot to include the Viennese Waltz move I made up! Ugh! So she tried it again.

Oh well, maybe Mommy will have it learnt before we go back. I’ll keep working with her, cause she’s worth it.

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

28 thoughts on “Working on Freestyle and My Certificate

  1. Holy cow patties! That is just FABulous Xena!!!!! I just loves how you keep your peepers on your MOms the whole time! That is a feat in itself in my book! BOL!!! Ma says I could learn lots from you! heheheheee
    Anyhu, keep workin’ with your Moms, you knows sometimes they need lots of practice to gets things right. ☺
    CONGRATS!!!! and BRAVO!!!
    Ruby ♥

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  2. a big hug and congratulations to both of you.. you are so beautiful when dancing, you glide accross the floor. sorry you were so scared while driving there.

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  3. You look very happy on the dance floor. It won’t take long now before you and Mom are a winning team. It’s harder for her because she has Dad leading her when they dance. Now she is learning how to lead you.She has so much to remember that it’s just taking her a bit longer to loosen up but with you by her side she’ll be smiling and floating across the floor in no time.
    Congrats on your certificate. I.m sure it’s just the first of many.
    Granny T


    1. It’s true, YAM-Aunty. We don’t have space here to do the whole dance, so Mommy practices putting it all together in her head while we practice the separate parts together! xox Xena


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