Check, Check, Check: A Good Day

Hi friends, Lucy here. After yesterday, I was hoping for a good day today. I mean, yesterday wasn’t all bad. Xena and I went to the vet and I made all kinds of new friends. Everyone pet me and a policeman and a lady both wanted to take me home with them. The bad part was when a lady who works there stuck a needle in my front leg and stole my blood. It hurt, but I was very good. Mom explained that they will send my blood to Canada to get a DNA heart worm test done. That kind of test lets them know if there is even the beginning of a tiny heart worm growing inside me, and if there is, one shot will kill it. Xena had the same thing done, and she was mostly good about it, too. Anyhow, that’s why we don’t have to take heart worm prevention pills. We did get pretty bandages on our legs.

Wait…we gave them our blood, and you have to pay them?

Anyhow, today was a much better day. We got up and had real good brekkies. Good brekkies – check!

Mom made time to take us for a walk before she went to work. Morning walk – check!

Just before Mom left, she gave us each a treat puzzle. Mmmmm. Xena got a new one for her birthday last month, so she gave me her old one. I don’t even care that she chewed it up a little. I still love having it. Treat puzzle – check!

Later, after Mom got home, she took us for a second walk, and we had lots of mischievous fun. Afternoon walk – check!

Do you see my NPR leash? Did you know that stands for National Public Radio?
Read neighborhood pee mail. check!
Read more pee mail – check!
Sniff Xena’s bee-hind when she can’t do anything about it. – check!

This is Lucy, with a check mark by all the good things on my list.

31 thoughts on “Check, Check, Check: A Good Day

    1. We eat like that every day, KB! NPR used to give those leashes away on the pet day of their pledge drives. Mommy pledged in Lexi’s name a few years ago, and Lexi was upset cause she didn’t want to have to pay it. BOL!Xox Lucy


  1. Gurls, what a FABulous day!!!! I means, that brekkie is makin’ me DROOOOOOL!!! And TWO walkies?? geesh! I gots to talk to Ma abouts that, I only gets one! sigh.
    I loved the videos….BOL!!!!
    Ruby ♥

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  2. We are so glad today was a great day…and that yesterday wasn’t tooooo bad. At least, those were some really beautimous pink bandages you got for being such good girls!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty


  3. Big says your day is pretty much like his except no blood work, that comes the middle of august and he does take heartworm meds.. expensive ones. the two of you look adorable walking together and I want to pet both of you…

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