A Successful Piglet Visit

First there was my meet and greet with Morty in his rope harness.

Then we did a proper “Hello, I will be your friend.”

Next, it was Lucy’s turn.

Lucy: I finally got to sniff someone else’s bee hind.

Morty enjoyed grazing on our clover, so Lucy thought it would make him feel more at home if she joined him.

We discovered that Morty loves his belly rubbed, just like us.

It started getting really hot, so we all came in the house. Daddy had paid someone to come fix our air conditioning, so it was much cooler. Soon, Morty left with his folks because he was going to be the star at a child’s birthday party. (He didn’t want to wear Angel Lexi’s star hat, either.)

After 87 hours they all came back and it was suppertime. We watched – with fascination – how Morty eats.

That’s water in the blue bowl, and piggy food mixed with fresh veggies in his food dish.

Morty, Ella, Achilles, Aunty Jen and Uncle Bill have to leave soon, so we’ll finish telling you all about our visit tomorrow.

XOX Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

32 thoughts on “A Successful Piglet Visit

  1. Mee-yow wow no wunder ‘angel’ Aunty Nylablue loved Bacon piggie so much!! Piggiess ARE furry hansum!
    Morty fit rite inn with you Lucy an Xena an Miss Amy….purrfeckshun!
    ***purrsss*** an ~~head rubsss~~BellaDharma~~

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    1. It’s true, Miss Monika! He drinks more than a dozen sailors! Xox Xena
      How would you know that, Xena? Lucy
      From Talk Like a Pirate Day, Lucy. You should have participated and you would know these things too. Xena

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  2. OMD, OMD, OMP!!!!! Okays, furst, I GOTS THE SAME HARNESS AS MORTY!!!! Only mine is blue! OMD, that is too funny!!! Nows, does he have a doggie harness, or do I have a piggie harness??? hehehehee (ma would say I am pure piggie, butts that’s another matter…..)
    I see you were a pawfect hostess, and were very polite when you met him. Bravo gurls!
    OMD, Morty eating is the FUNNIEST! BOL!!!! I can’t believes he drinks more than he eats!
    Thanks for the videos and the fun pics of your visit!
    Ruby ♥

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  3. Morty seems to be cute and friendly. He needs his food with lots of water.
    Lucy and Xena, you both look cute, too. You all made friends no time at all, that is great to see.
    Hugs to everybody,

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      1. Thank you ladies, I would like to visit you much, but there is a very embarrassing problem. Mom checked once how can a cat fly, I am too fat, I can’t sit with my mom and dad, I must be somewhere with suitcases. Mom said NO.
        Hugs to everybody,

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  4. morty is just about the cutest pig EVER… I laughed out loud, I really DID while watching him eat. I was afraid he might drown. POL BOL… so glad you three liked each other and what a great thing to do, take Morty to a birthday party. I bet he stole the day……

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