Talk Like a Pirate with Lucy and Xena

Lucy! Lucy! Save me, yer favorite pirate (I hope). Smartly, me lass!
I be on my way, little lassie. Ye look like a bilge rat, but I reckon yer still me sis.

A few hours later…

Lucy: What happened to ye, little Bilge Rat?

Xena: Ye call me dat agane and I be sure to ferget ye saved me life. Ye see, some udder pirate took ze day too far and blew up me ship. I was havin a taste a grog and suddenly like, boom! I twas thrown into da briney.

Arr! I’ve decided to stay home and play with my inflatable pirate ship. At least, if it gets a hole in it, I’ll land on the floor.

Pirate Lucy and Pirate Bilge Rat Xena surviving Talk Like a Pirate Day and thanking Shoko, Tyebe and Bud from The Canadian Cats blog, as well as Da Phenny and Da Nelly from the Easy blog and Kismet the curmudgeon parrot from

19 thoughts on “Talk Like a Pirate with Lucy and Xena

  1. Charlee: “Wow, that was quite a Talk Like A Pirate Day adventure! I’m glad you got through it okay!”
    Chaplin: “What do you know about Talk Like A Pirate Day adventures, Charlee?”
    Charlee: “I know all about them or my name isn’t Chaaaaarrrrlee!”

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  2. Wowsa! Gurls…um…I MEANS….Scurvy Pirates ~ That was excitin’!!! I was on the edge of my plank, and almost fell into the sea! Waits….you gots to drink GROG Xena???? Hey, does that means you can drinks my margaritas now????? ☺
    Ruby ♥

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