Grooming with Mom

Hello friends. Lucy, Ace Reporter here today to report on another fantastic groom. This little shih tzu was referred to Mom by his grandma. She told her daughter, “You’d be crazy not to go to my new groomer!”

Are you gonna fix my hair so I can see, Miss Amy?

This is sweet 1 1/2 year old Rhett when he first got on the table. His previous groomer had cut his eye and didn’t tell his mom. They figured it out, though and got him treated in time to save his eye.

He’s still sort of a wiggly puppy, but Mom was very careful and patient with him. When she texted his mom to say he was ready to go, his mom asked if he could stay another hour. They just weren’t used to having him ready so soon, but that’s how Mom works. One dog or family of dogs at a time show up, get groomed, and go home. Anyhoo, Mom said yes, and brought him upstairs to visit with us.

It took a moment for him to get the layout of the house, but Rhett was feeling good and strutting his stuff. Of course, he quickly found the most popular room in the house.

Something smells good up there, Miss Amy.

Xena sniffed his bee hind and he growled, then Rhett sniffed her bee hind and she growled. Then they did the nose touch saying, “Let’s be friends.”

Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with wiggles and licks.

19 thoughts on “Grooming with Mom

  1. Great to see that Rhett has a very good temperament and his former groomer didn’t traumatize him for life. Your mom won him over and you and Xena radiate good vibes with new dogs.
    Granny T

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