I like pillows. A lot. I try out lots of different pillows, for lots of different purposes and in lots of different positions.

Last Christmas Mom dressed the pillow I like on the couch in a holiday dress. She didn’t fool me, though; I knew it was my big, comfy pillow.

Sometimes I hide different parts of me under or behind a pillow. I didn’t want anyone to see me wearing my big girl panties.

I’m a schnauzer sandwich.

Sometimes I try new positions on my pillows.

I fell asleep like this.

Sometimes I hide so no one knows where I am. I can watch what they are doing like this, with no one seeing me.

Mommy got me a fancy new pillow, and after the first night, I didn’t want to use it any more.

Once in a while I would carry it out of the bedroom and leave it somewhere else in the house. Then, one night, I changed my mind. I thought about it a while and got it just right.

Xena, Pillow Connoisseur and Schnauzer Warrior Princess

28 thoughts on “Pillows

  1. Grate pillowss Xena! Mee lovess yore ‘down werd doggie’ pose on THE one pillow…..
    An Xena sammich iss adorrabell too!
    Mee likess yore fancy pillow with THE little ballss on it; mee wuud have so much fun with it!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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      1. Mew mew mew mee has onlee 1 pillow mee likess…it iss LadyMew’ss sirvical umm wait cervical pillow that shee iss apposta use butt mee confeeskated it! AS had ‘angelss’ Unkell Siddhartha Henry an Aunty NYLABLUE did bee-fore mee…. 😉
        LadyMew has Flannel pillowcasess fore ‘mee’ pillow so mee all wayss iss lyin inn snuggley softness!

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  2. the new pillow is perfect in your bed.. I must say you are very creative in sleep positons and I do hope the blood did not run to your head while you slept with BUTT higher than head… glad you have lots of pillows to show us. made me smile really big

    Liked by 1 person

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