Lucy Celebrates Rocktoberfest

I got to go to Rocktoberfest on the very first day with Mom and Dad. Just me! Mom says please forgive the shadow–the day was sunny and warm with a nice breeze, and Mom got in the way of the sun.

We walked the trails, up and down stairs, through fat man’s squeeze, and saw some strange things, like this fellow here.

This is a gnome. He was distracted and didn’t see us.

Along the trail, I posed on this hard block shelf in a cutout in the mountain.

Then I decided it was time to keep exploring.

Which way now?

It was time to take a drink and snack break. Mom shared her pork and sauerkraut with me, and let me taste her locally brewed Rocktoberfest beer.

I didn’t like it very much, so I decided to stick with water.

But do you know the very best part of Rocktoberfest?

Everybody asked if they could pet me. And they did! And they told me how beautiful I am and sweet, too. I had to keep apologizing for hitting them with my tail; I just couldn’t help it cause I was so happy!

With wags and wiggles and smiles, I am Lucy the happy Rocktoberfest dog.

We are joining Comedy Plus for Happy Tuesday.

28 thoughts on “Lucy Celebrates Rocktoberfest

  1. hugging and petting you Lucy Girl is on the top of my bucket list. you are soooo beautiful. I love your furs, I love your ears, I love your face and tongue… good job on the Rocktoberfest and this fun post. Our Jake was a lot like you and his tale whacks really hurt. glad you apologized…

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  2. Hari OM
    Oh, Lucy, you made my heart leap at the mention of uncontrolled tails… my angel Jade had a metronome of a tail and I miss its beat against my leg so much!!! What wonderful walkies you got. Thank you for repawting to us! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

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