Dance Rehearsal

I’m getting ready for my first Freestyle competition. We’ve tweaked our routine and I’ve got my part down. I am having sooo much fun! Mommy is going to take me to work with her in a few weeks and we are going to leave in the middle of the day to drive to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. *bounce bounce bounce* I’m going to get something called a title. I already have the title of Princess Warrior. I wonder what my new one will be. Anyhoo, here is the newest version of our dance!

Xena Schnauzer Dancing Warrior Princess

33 thoughts on “Dance Rehearsal

  1. Wish I could see you in your first competition baby girl. I’ll be there whenever you come to Georgia Keep that tail high and wagging, the Judge will love it that you are so happy.
    Granny T

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  2. Oh wow, X! That dance is beyond adorable. We could barely see your mom giving you any signals. I can’t believe you knew what to do! Great job! There WILL be wild applause. Amazing.

    Love and licks,


  3. you looks to cute for words and sooooo smart… and that was a perfect stay in place. Big doesn’t know how to do that and I laughed thinking of him trying to follow me like you did… yay for your title.

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