Emergency Stuffie Surgery

Xena: While we wait for my video from the Freestyle Trial, I wanted to catch you up on what is going on around home. Do you remember my warning to Riley? Do you remember that he still went ahead and deadied my blue bone? That was bad, but not like deading a real live stuffie. Look who we found, a victim of a Riley attack.

Do you remember that poor old Mr. Elephant was very close with Angel Lexi? Now his guts are falling out of his butt. This isn’t the first time Riley tried to kill him. We think it is because he mattered so much to Angel Lexi. Mr. Elephant had asked that, instead of staying in the big green basket on top of the mantel to stay safe, he be allowed to stay in my kennel. He was ok in there until one day we all forgot to shut my kennel door and Riley saw his chance.

Riley: You two can stop talking about me now. My Dad’s coming to get me.

Lucy: I saw something had to be done immediately if we were to save Mr. Elephant. After thinking for 87 seconds, I made my decision.

I ran to the pantry and got some Tennessee whiskey to steady my nerves and gave Mr. Elephant a drink of it, too. Xena had eaten sauerkraut last night, so I told her to turn around and gas him. Between that and the whiskey, he was out cold. I gathered up some tools and put on my operating mask. Time was ticking and I had to work fast and sure with precision instruments. I also had to be very careful not to close up his bee hind hole. I looked for his tail, but that villain Riley must have eaten it. His right leg was ripped halfway off, so I fixed it to the best of my ability.

About 87 minutes into the surgery, Xena noticed that Mr. Elephant was also missing an ear.

We hurriedly – but carefully – looked under all the furniture. Xena is small enough to be able to scoot under the couch and love seat, and did a thorough search. It was all to no avail. That fiend Riley must have eaten his ear, too. I finished working on his back end, and, with only a short pee and snack break, started closing up the gaping whole where his ear used to be. Xena! Quick! Lick the sweat off my forehead! Thanks!

Mr. Elephant is in the guest room sleeping it off and is expected to make a full recovery. His back leg isn’t exactly straight anymore, so he will have a limp. And we’ll have to remember to stand on his left side when we talk to him.

Riley has gone home with his Dad, and it’s time for a nap after an exhausting, yet satisfying, day. The patient will live.

Wags and licks, Lucy the Surgeon and Xena Schnauzer Princess Warrior

38 thoughts on “Emergency Stuffie Surgery

  1. Mee-yow wow Dogtur Lucy yore splendid an amazin!!! You did yore best fore Mistur Ell E Phant an wee are sendin POTP to him to ree-covurr. If hee needss a walkin stick maybe yore PawPaw can make him one…
    Riley yore a notty boy. You bettur hope Aunty Amy letss you come back to vizzit…..an you bettur bring doggie treetss fore Lucy an Xena too!
    Mee still likess you Riley…an mee sure yore Couzinss do too butt you gotta bee gentell….
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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  2. With all the missing stuffins and the ear missing, let’s hope Riley passes everything in the next 2-3 days. The last thing we want to happen is he can’t pass it. You girls did great with your emergency surgery. Good to know how quickly you are able to react so well, especially with the anesthesia lol.
    Granny T

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  3. OMD!!!!! THE HORRORS!!!!!!! Butts…wowsa gurls! YOu sure did a FABulous job patchin’ up Mr. Elephant! You knows, Xena, I have tried your anesthesia method on Ma, butts it just makes her groan and run outta the room. sigh. Wells, I am glads you gurls are well trained pawfessionals, and Mr. Elephant has lived to snort another day! Just keep him away from ‘the jaws’…
    Ruby ♥


  4. this is quite the story!!!! poor elephant… glad you could do a repair job. I am happy for Riley getting to go home with his dad, and does his dad know Riley might be pooping an elephant ear? Big Boy pooped a monkey tale and a week later a duck wing. now there are no more stuffifes allow in our house. he swallows what he chews off.

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  5. What a life-saving surgery under stress! I hope that Mr. Elephant is fully recovered now and ready for more snuggling with you. Xena is looking down on you and thanking you for your quick thinking.

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      1. Hari OM
        …??Xena provided the anaesthetic, Xena checked for missing bits, Xena mopped the surgepaw’s brow…does that not make her the theatre nurse??? I know angel Lexi’s elephant was on the workbench – errrr – theatre table ….. oh wait it just clicked, you were referring to that ACTUAL theatre as in drama and stage, light and action and all that…. deary me. silly old aunty… Yxx (I also just realised you Americans may have a different term for the nurse who helps the surgeon.)

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