Hi, I’m Ella, Lucy’s BFF.

Today, I’m pretending that I am Queen over all I see.

Queen Sarabi: Soon, Ella-Mufassa, you will be ruler over all this land.

Hi, I’m Achilles, Lucy’s boyfriend.

Today I’m pretending that I am a Major League outfielder.

Did you see that catch? Huh, huh, didja?

I caught this one for you, Lucy!

Hi, I’m Morty, and I’m pretending that…

I am Pumba, and they call me MR. PIG.

Hi, I’m Xena, and I’m pretending my Daddy could stay home and play with me every day.

What do you want to play now, Daddy?

Hi, I’m Lucy, and I’m pretending…

to be the subject of a famous picture by a famous artist, and everyone would know my name.

We are Achilles, Ella, Morty, Xena and Lucy, the Pretenders.

27 thoughts on “Pretending

  1. Mew mew mew that iss a lot of purrtendin there Ella an Riley an Lucy an Xena an Morty aka Mistur P-I-G….yore all so adoorabell. You have grate emaginationss. Mee not so much…
    Then again when mee was on THE meen streetss mee wuud purrtend mee was goin home to sumone who cared fore an loved mee…mee purrtended THAT fore 6 long yeerss!
    Then LadyMew came to get me an mee stopped purrtendin…mee dreem came true…

    Yore all blessed…an now so iss mee….
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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  2. my heart has melted into a puddle inside my chest. The Pretenders did the job… I can’t stop smiling as I scrolled TWICE through the photos of Achilles, Ella, Morty, Xena and Lucy,… Canines, How I Love Them… great stories also

    Liked by 1 person

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