25 thoughts on “Awww Monday

  1. Mew mew mew LadyMew kissed mee on back an sorta drooled a bit…does THAT count as a ‘sloppy’ kiss Xena an Lucy??
    An look there iss Ludwig!!! Mee has bin meenin to ask you if Ludwig was still with you Xena. Hee lookss guud!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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    1. Yes, drool definitely counts as a sloppy kiss, Miss BellaDharma! The bears will soon go into hibernation, so Ludwig may soon take off traveling. I wish he would stay and help protect Mr. Elephant. Riley came over on Thanksgiving and Daddy had to rescue Mr. Elephant AGAIN from the jaws of death! XOX Xena

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          1. Mee-yow wow mee hopess Ludwig will purrtect Mistur Ellyfant. And mee thinkss if Ludwig wantss to travel maybee Mistur E shuud go with him so hee will bee safe….
            An maybee Riley needs hiss own Mistur Sumbody Stuffie to harass ummmm play with Xena? What do you think???

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  2. there is nothing we like better than starting the day with big sloppy kisses and you have given me much joy looking at you kisses…. happy 2nd day of Dec

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