Sunny Saturday

Xena: I sure do miss Daddy. He’s sick of noise, so he left.

Lucy: Well, Xena, while he may be tired of your shrill barking every time you see something move outside, he’s actually on a trip to visit his mother. She lives in Illinois. Hey, I have an idea. Let’s send him a picture and tell him how much we miss him.

Xena: Come home and let us in, Daddy. Lucy: But it’s sunny and warm out. I want to stay outside. Xena: But it’s his job. Both: We miss you, Dad, come home soon.

Xena: Do you see Daddy? Has he come home yet? Do you think he got our message?

Lucy: I don’t know, Xena. Let’s see if Mom will open the gate so we can help her while she rakes leaves. Maybe that can be one of my new jobs: “Lucy, Professional Leaf Raker.”

Lucy: Xena.

Xena: What?

Lucy: Race you to that pile of leaves over there.

This is Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess enjoying a sunny 60 degrees in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

19 thoughts on “Sunny Saturday

  1. Oh, your SUN!!!!!! I miss the SUN……the weather peeps SAY the sun will be back this week, butts I’m not sure I believes them. It’s been like TWO WEEKS since it’s been here! sigh. Can I come overs and do some zoomies with you gurls?????
    Ruby ♥

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  2. Mee-yow wow 60 degreess iss furabuluss. Wee are at 20 degreess here an no leevess; just snow Xena an Lucy.
    Mee hopes yore PawPaw has a safe trip to see his Meowmy an comess home soon to all of youss’!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma
    Pee S: Yore both lookin so purrty today!

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  3. I fell happy, I feel happy, just watching the two of you romp in the leaves and a tad sad your dad is not to be had…. you both look WONDERFUL!!!!

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