Ludwig and Mr. Eleephant

Miss BellaDharma from BellaDharma and LadyMews’s Purrfect Pad and I were discussing what to do to keep Mr. Eleephant safe from Bad Riley. In case you missed it, you can go here to see how my big sis Lucy had to save Eleephant’s life after a vicious attack. Miss BellaDharma came up with the purrfect idea. She suggested asking Ludwig to be Mr. Eleephant’s body guard. So, here is the story of how that went.

Ludwig, I have asked you here to meet with me and Mr. Eleephant to discuss a matter of the utmost importance. As you know, Mr. Eleephant barely survived two vicious attacks by Riley. And looking at your side, it appears you have also been his victim.

No, Xena, those scars are from love bites from you.

Oh. Well, that only shows how tough and strong you are. So, Ludwig, we need your help.

Anything for you, mon amour. I would scale Mount Everest, I would sail across the Devil’s Sea, I would wrestle the Tasmanian Devil, I would…

Yes, yes, I understand you are wholly devoted to me, dear Ludwig. Now, back to Mr. Eleephant. He needs you to be his body guard.

Ah, so you know my strength and my total dedication to a task — and to you, beautiful Xena. I accept this labor of love and have a small suggestion.

*whispers* You should stay with us each night so that we can take turns keeping guard. I would let you share my bed…

*blushes* Uh, I think it’s time to ask Jen Jen Bear to join us. She has been tirelessly watching over Mr. Eleephant, and she keeps falling asleep. It is winter, you know.

Jen, Jen, I have good news. Ludwig has accepted the position of body guard for Mr. Eleephant.

You can go hibernate with your friends now with no worries about anything.

There’s just one thing, beautiful Xena. I am going on a winter trip to uh, to see my pawrents, yep, to see my pawents and my gir, er, my grr-ate grandpawrents. I will take Mr. Eleephant with me

*sigh* Once a Ludwig, always a Ludwig.

Goodbye, sweet Mr. Eleephant.

Angel Lexi loved you, and so do I. Take care of yourself

Jen Jen Bear has left to go hibernate, mon amour. You never answered me about sharing my bed tonight. We could keep each other warm while we guard Mr. Eleephant in his sleep.

Mom! Ludwig’s hitting on me again!

Hurry Mr. Eleephant. It is time for us to go.

26 thoughts on “Ludwig and Mr. Eleephant

  1. HURRAH!!! Ludwig will guard Mistur Ellyfant. Ludwig iss so-o dee-voted to you….he adoorss you which iss lovelee…hee iss like mee man cat SPIKE!
    So if Ludwig goes a-travellin lookss like Mistur Ellyfant will bee on tour too….an yore bearss are hybernatin…who will keep you company mee deer frend?? Hmmm mee must werk out this problem out too!
    Thanx fore inn-cludin mee inn yore bloggie. Mee iss furry flattered!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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    1. I think Ludwig has a girlfriend up north and I don’t care. He can be a good friend, though, and he did take poor old Mr. Eleephant with him. I still have Hedge Hog, and I’ll have to see who else is still here.

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          1. It is! It’s like we’re sisters with a different mother, right, BellaDharma? And I almost forgot, Ella is here too. She’s really just a baby elephant, so we couldn’t ask her to take care of Mr. Eleephant.

            Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, I hadn’t noticed, Miss Cecilia. I don’t want you to think I am prejudiced against other colors of stuffies. This was just chance. I have my hibernating rainbow bear who I love, and my pink sweetheart bear that everyone loves, and, well, lots of other colored stuffies. XOX Xena


  2. so glad you have figured all this out and will be safe for the holidays.. make that cute and safe… your bodyguards are really good at their jobs

    Liked by 1 person

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