Lucy Sends her Own Christmas Card

Lucy: Xena, do you know if Mom sent our card to Achilles? I want to make sure my guy has my picture for Christmas

Xena: I wasn’t paying any attention. I was too busy arranging for Ludwig to be Mr. Eleephant’s body guard. Why don’t you just post it here for Achilles to see?

A few minutes later.

Hey Lucy girl. I got your card. You’re the best, sweetie. I’m talking to you from the bathroom ’cause Mom said I have to get a bath before…

I come to see you for Christmas! Love you! Your guy Achilles


Xena: Lucy, did you faint? You know it’s almost supper-time, right?


Lucy: That means I’ll get to see my bestie, Ella, too! I remember the last time we visited and got to play. This is gonna’ be a great Christmas!

Xena: It will be as long as I get a lot of yummy treats. Does anyone know where Mommy is hiding them?

XOX from Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

23 thoughts on “Lucy Sends her Own Christmas Card

  1. since you looks so cute looking for your treats, Xena, I would tell you where they are if I knew… I LOVE the Christmas card, can’t stop SMILING. also some of the smiles are all the canine photos available to smile at today. hurry Christmas, can’t wait to see all of you together.

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