Christmas at Last

Is it Christmas yet?

Did Santa come? Can we open our prezzies? What, not until Daddy gets back with brother Adam?

Lucy: We let our guests go first. Achilles got an empty, Santa covered water bottle, and he loved it! He worked and worked on it until he got the bottle out. Then the fun was over. I think he was disappointed that there was no stuffing in the stuffie!

Xena: Morty got reindeer ears and an empty bag that he tried to eat. Oh wait, the bag wasn’t his prezzie, he just grabbed it from someone else.

Lucy: Mom made doggie cookies for Morty and Achilles and Ella and they all scarfed them up. She packed them up some more from the freezer to take home. Some of them had pumpkin, and some of the cookies had tomato in them. They all were salt and sugar-free, with no preservatives or artificial anything. We weren’t allowed to have any because of all the carbs interfering with our stomach acid pee H.

Xena: But we did get Dogurt. It’s a new doggie yogurt that Mom found right in the dairy section of the grocery. Later we got real live beef soup bones. A big one to fit Lucy’s mouth and a smaller one for me to chew. Our peeps brother Adam sat outside with us until we got all the greasy stuff off them so we didn’t get it all over the furniture.

Lucy: Our friends, Chloe and Chaz -who stay with us sometimes and who Mom grooms – gave us this blanket. Do you see the heartbeat?

Xena: Lucy got a weird bone thing that she doesn’t want and neither do I or Ella.

Mommy said it’s OK for her to give to Achilles the next time she sees him. We’re sure he’ll like it.

I got new stuffies. No bears, ’cause they always go away to hibernate in the winter – except for Winter Bear – and then they empty our fridge when they are done hibernating. They get like zombies trying to eat the brains of Cone Heads. We don’t actually stock brains for them, but we make sure there’s plenty of berries and stuff to satisfy their extreme hunger from not eating all winter.

Anyhow, I got Chip, who is siting in the back closest to me. His big eyes and teeth kind of scared me at first, but I’m getting used to it. And puppy Oscar the Schnauzer. And the other dog is a stray and doesn’t have a name yet. Any suggestions?

Lucy: Brother Andrew got here just in time for dinner. Him and brother Adam were really glad to see each other, and were acting goofy. Mom said it was like how me and Ella act when we see each other after being apart.

I don’t know why “all good things must end.”

But maybe it’s so we can get some rest and be ready for good things the next day.

Love, Peace and Joy from Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

20 thoughts on “Christmas at Last

  1. Don’t listen to Kismet! He can be pretty grumpy and his suggestion is not a good one. What a great Christmas for you! Our dogs didn’t get any new toys this year because they never tear them up and we end up overwhelmed by dog toys. So they were lucky enough to get lots of treats and cookies! I’m so sorry that you didn’t get the cookies your mom made. Yogurt is good, but it doesn’t crunch…. I hope it was peanut butter flavored!

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    1. Your pups are like us, we don’t tear up our stuffies either. Riley and Achilles do that for us, grrr. We got “original” flavor and cheddar. Mom doesn’t let us have peanut butter, but she gives us almond butter sometimes.

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    1. I’m sure that’s why, and that Santa didn’t hear about the tear open the couch cushion incident, or the eat the top of the chair incident or, well, we think he must have dial-up and just doesn’t get all the news way up there in the North Pole. XOX Xena and Lucy


  2. nothing say joy to me more than seeing sleeping dogs.. so precious. I loved all the pics of all the dogs and all the presents… where do you get beef soup bones? Big might like one. so glad the brothers got to visit and you got to be loved on by dogs and brothers.. so much fun

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    1. It’s a good thing you love to see sleeping dogs, Miss Sandra, since it seems that BB does a lot of just that! Mom said she got our soup bones in the frozen section near the frozen liver at Publix. She had to ask for them because the Christmas hams had taken over their spot. Tell BB they are from us, BOL! XOX Lucy and Xena


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