Introducing Priscilla

I got two new puppies and a chipmunk for Christmas. Oscar is my schnauzer puppy stuffie. His beard is as crazy as mine! My other puppy didn’t have a name. If you didn’t see my Christmas Day post, you can click here. I mentioned then that my sweet new puppy with the long ears needed a name and asked for help, but the only one to respond was Kismet, who suggested “Dumbo” because of her really big ears. That is not just politically incorrect, it’s just plain mean. That made me realize it was up to me to find her a name.

I know she’s a girl because she’s wearing a pink collar. And she does have big ears, sorta like a hound dog. So that got me to thinking. Mr. Elvis used to sing a song about a hound dog and I think his favorite person was Priscilla, so, even though that Priscilla wasn’t a hound dog, I thought maybe my new puppy’s name should be Priscilla. And I could call her Prissy for short, kinda like Mommy calls me Xee and Xee Xee.

I’m teaching Prissie all kinds of new things.

She’s already learned to jump/climb up on the magical red chair. Please don’t pay any attention to the plaid duck tape on the top of the chair. That will soon be a “last year’s” mistake. And I’m sure any new teeth marks will be from Priscilla as she is teething, right?

Prissy likes to look out the window with me.

I’m teaching her how to watch for things to bark at watch for possible threats. That way, when she grows up, she could be our security dog while Ludwig is away for the winter.

She’s also been watching me practice all my new Freestyle figures. Pretty soon I’ll have a whole new routine to all new music. It’s going to be great!

Anyhoo, I wanted to let you know that the naming contest is over and no one won the trip to…

Lucy: Xena, what the dog are you barking about now? There was never a naming contest!

Xena: Shhhhhhh.

I’m asleep.

I am Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

37 thoughts on “Introducing Priscilla

  1. Welcome, Priscilla! I thought that I suggested a name… but I know that “Priscilla” is better than any silly name that I suggested 🙂 I love the plaid duct tape. I had no idea that there was such stylish duct tape!

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  2. I think Priscilla is sweet and looks like she’ll be a great cuddler! I’m looking at the plaid tape and realizing how much smarter you are than me. Garnet gouged claw holes in our leather chair. I did not duct tape it quickly enough and River used the holes to get her teeth in there and while we were at work, she ATE all the leather on the top of the seat cushion. All of it. Thank goodness she’s still healthy. OMG I never expected that.

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    1. Priscilla sounds perfect for her since she might be part hound-dog and follows Elvis song but let’s hope she doesn’t get to be too “Prissy” as in a little stuck up. She looks perfect now though so don’t worry. I am putting too much play on words.

      I am glad you have a new friend to train in this most important year of 2020!

      Luvz, Patzy

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  3. Purrfect name for yore mew stuffie!! Wee love Priscilla! An you both look so cute together….
    An Oscar iss addorabell…will Ludwig get jelluss when hee ree-ternhave a namin contest for THE Chipmunk?? Wee love contestss!
    Are you fgoin ss home an meetss Oscar???
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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  4. I never enter contests, my mind draws a blank when ask a direct question. Prissy sounds good to me and her last name can be Pillow because you are using her as a pillow… I went back to make sure I saw the post and I see I got caught up in the dog soup bones and beautiful pup/pig photos

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  5. I was a little surprised that I would have missed a naming contest. I love contests, plus I would have undoubtedly suggested Cupcake as the perfect name. Priscilla suits her perfectly, so no contest needed, after all.

    Love and licks,

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