Bye Bye Rudy

This picture was taken just before Rudy found out he was leaving. While we were playing we heard that noisy rooster across the street. Rudy joked, “Why did the chicken cross the road? Answer: So Lucy and Xena didn’t eat him!” BOL, BOL, BOL! Everyone laughed so hard they fell over.

And just look at that silly Chippy. Prissy, Bunny and Rudy almost passed out from laughing so hard, but Chippy is still laughing. I was sitting there thinking about if I could catch that chicken!

But it’s time. Today, we put away all the Christmas decorations. Mommy said it’s too depressing to put them away right after Christmas, so she waited until she could put out some decorations for Valentine’s Day. Anyhoo, Santa saw everything Christmas being put in bins and stored in the attic. And when he saw the sunshine and felt the warmth of a beautiful sunny day, he declared it was time to leave.

Bye, bye Rudy and Santa. Are you sure you have to go?

Of course Rudy is going with him. I’ll miss Rudy; he’s so much fun. But, as Santa pointed out, I still have my new friends to get to know better and to play with, as well as most of my old favorites. Safe travels, Santa and Rudy, and see you next Christmas!

25 thoughts on “Bye Bye Rudy

  1. Ma says that it’s okay to keeps the Christmas decor up, as long as it’s gone by Valentine’s Day! BOL! Last year, one house in our hood had their Christmas Wreath up til August!!! By then, why bother taking it down! amirite
    Ruby ♥


  2. just this morning, the last remaining Christmas thing, the little tree, was put in the closet with the other things. now the living room looks sad… I need a new lamp… bye bye Rudy see you next year…

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  3. we agree with your mama it is a strange feeling to see the christmas things after christmas… our mama said you have to be in the mood for removing dfecorations or it happens that all boxes are closed and back on the attic and you come down and you see a christmas wreath on the ceiling you furgot… and then you have to start nearly efurrything again, because that beast will not fit in one of the boxes…. LOL

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