Our Visit – Morty

Here is the answer to “Has Morty gotten any bigger?”


Hi, this is Xena here and I want to tell you a bit about our visit to the Nashville area to visit my Uncle Bill. Oh, and also Auntie Jen. And Morty the pig. And Ella and Achilles, too. Morty has had a growth spurt since he visited us a month ago. He’s a little taller and much longer than me now.

Morty’s an armful and then some. But he’s still a piglet.

Morty has a pig crush on my Daddy. Daddy loves to cook and is very good at it. Part of his birthday treat was to be able to do most of the cooking at Morty’s house this weekend, so he was in the kitchen a lot. That’s where Morty’s white mints are kept, and Daddy has fun feeding them to him. They’re like crack to Morty! He just can’t get enough.

Mommy wasn’t quick enough to get a picture of Morty standing up on his hind legs for his minty treats. None of us knew pigs could do that. Maybe he was imitating me. Next thing you know he will be hopping up and down on his back legs like I do.

Morty is on the move a lot. He spent a lot of time outside grazing on the grass in the fenced back yard. He usually won’t even go out when it’s so cold, but maybe he needed a break from four dogs in the house. When he finally came inside, his poor little hooves were all red from the cold. Later, he was sleeping under a blanket on his Mom’s lap, and we kept hearing him grunt. He had eaten so much grass that he was “passing gas.”

Because Achilles and Ella have to live with Morty, they treat him like their pesky little brother. At first they were real protective of him, but now it’s more like, “Get out of my stuff!” and “Leave me alone!” They even got in trouble today for growling at him and had to go for a time out in their kennels.

Lucy seems to like Morty just fine.

Of course, Lucy pretty much likes everyone. She is a real social butterfly. Morty wasn’t afraid of her, either.

Morty and me, we played a little bit too. Sometimes I barked and chased him down the hall, and sometimes he chased me down the hall while I growled.

At the end of the day, Morty was exhausted.

Be sure to check back soon for other adventures at Morty’s house.

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

23 thoughts on “Our Visit – Morty

  1. I sure would love to visit a house that had 4 dogs and a pig… and someone who would cook for me. I hate cooking. really I do! I love dogs and pigs and stories about them… Morty is a precious pig… muah!

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  2. OMD, Morty is huuuuuge! Okays, maybe not huge, butts lots bigger than the last time we saw him! I bets even I could play with him, you thinks he would likes that? I do bark a lot though, so that might scare him. Anyhu, he does look tuckered, good job gurls! BOL!!
    Oh, maybe Morty should gets some of my chewable minty gassy tabs! Ma gives them to me everyday, cause I tend to ‘clear a room’…hehehehee
    Ruby ♥

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  3. Mee-yow wow Morty has grown so big….bet hee will grow even more!! Hee iss purrty kewl…
    Did you know mee ‘angel’Aunty Nylablue had a piggie boyfrend named Bacon??? Shee loved him alot accordin to LadyMew….
    Mee sorta seess why now!
    Have fun Xena an Lucy…
    **purrsss** BellaDharma
    Pee S: Maybee Morty will bee a dancin piggie?

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