Our Visit- Ella, et al

Hi, this is Xena again. I read in one of Angel Lexi’s posts that she loved the phrase et al, so I had to keep reading to find out what it meant. I quickly discovered it meant whatever you want it to mean. So, let’s start with who is still the reigning queen et al.

Ella, Queen of her Domain, et al

Lucy: Ella and I are still best friends, et al.

Speaking of et als, Mom asked me to include this picture in our post today. She thinks it’s a lovely picture of me in Auntie Jen’s living room.

We all fell back in like we had never been apart.

Here I am between my BFF Ella and my guy Achilles, et al, watching a black cat walking along the fence line. We saw him on and off throughout our visit.

Can you guess what had happened here?

Xena: We all spent a lot of time after lunch sitting around visiting and snoozing in our chairs. There was a dog for every person, plus a bonus pig for Auntie Jen et al.

Achilles picked Mommy as his bed.

Lucy: The real reason we came this particular weekend was to celebrate Aunty Jen’s birthday – and also Dad’s birthday that was last week. Oh yeah, and Lucy’s, too. So the peeps went out to the “Snow Ball.” Dad and Mom et al danced all evening to a big band.

Mom danced so much her left foot felt like it was getting a blister (it wasn’t), and Dad danced so much his previously injured ankle started to scream. But they said it was too much fun to worry about a little pain.

Xena: Aunty Jen and Mommy got up really early on Saturday morning to do a pod cast or something like that on Facebook, I think. All I know was that Aunty Jen was talking into a camera while holding up clothes called lularoe and Mommy was frantically unpacking a box, ripping open the bags, hanging the clothes and numbers on hangers, and handing them to Aunty Jen. I made the mistake of hanging out with them, and got used as a “sales tool.” I didn’t even have my beard washed or combed, and it was so early that I was still in my sock monkey jammies. It was rather embarrassing, but people kept typing in comments about how cute I am. *grin* So anyhow, if you want to buy any lularoe for Valentine’s Day – or anytime – Aunty Jen is selling them. Tell her Xena sent you.

Love and wiggles, Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess, back home et al.

20 thoughts on “Our Visit- Ella, et al

  1. Mee iss happy youss’ all had such a grate time together!! Achilliess is one hansum man dog an Lucy you two look so sweet together! You all look so happy! Miss Amy a Mistur Jeff bee carefull dancin yore pawss off OKay?? Mew mew mew….
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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  2. I can’t believe you went on a pod cast in your jammies. of course I beleivne everyone thought you were adorable.. I must say Lucy, this is most definitely your best shot ever. you are posed perfectly and also the light shows off your beautiful furs. I wish I had been there and one of you would have had to give up one of the four laps and lay on mine. I am not picky, so it could be any of you. glad your pawrents did not dance off their feet.

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