Ludwig or Lois?

Xena: Something odd happened around here. I was having a good, normal Saturday. Daddy finished putting together my breakfast and I declared it good. Mommy finally crawled out of bed around 6:30 in the morning, saw it was dark and cold and threatening snow, and said we would all go outside after the sun came up. We never actually saw the sun, but it did get lighter outside so that we could see if any coyotes or werewolves were coming at us from the nearby woods. (None did.) Lucy and I played in the yard for a little bit while Riley (yes, he’s back) took his time deciding if he would step onto the wet grass. Mommy says Riley is very smart, but he sure does take a long time thinking about stuff.

I sure hope Riley doesn’t take as long to make up his mind as this guy.

I still didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary when I heard a scratching at the front door. We get a lot of Amazon deliveries, and I figured the delivery person had figured out the dog way of asking for the door to be opened was preferable to banging on it or ringing that annoying bell. Well, that, or else I was finally going to get to be a ratter.

So, as usual, I hollered for Mommy to come open the door. Look who was there! At first I thought it was Ludwig come home, then I saw the dress…

Xena: “Who are you? Are you Ludwig? You smell like Ludwig. Why are you dressed like that?

Schnauzer at the door: No, Xena, I am Ludwig’s cousin, Lois. I’ve heard so much about you from my wonderful, handsome cousin Ludwig! Then I heard that you and that scoundrel, er, I mean, Achilles might be getting married, so I came for the wedding. Let me in.

Xena: Riley! Get out of my bed and come here! I need your help.

This dog says (s)he’s Lois, Ludwig’s cousin. What do you think?

Riley: Well, (s)he’s got this strap thing from the dress wrapped around the part that would give it away, so I’m not sure. Do you want me to rip it off?

Lois: Stop it! Stop it!

Xena: No, that would be way too rude. But she thinks I’m marrying Achilles. What should we do?

Riley: Lucy says let the new dog stay.

If it’s really Ludwig, we’ll know soon enough.

Yes, we will know soon enough. If Lois perches on Vicky the Troll, uh, we’ll know it’s really Ludwig, and my ploy to make him jealous worked.

In the meantime, I’ve reclaimed my bed and am going to help Mommy in her home office.

24 thoughts on “Ludwig or Lois?

  1. Chaplin: “Ooh, I know how to solve this! Anyone named ‘Lois’ is always a newspaper reporter, so just ask this so-called Lois to see her press credentials. If she can’t supply them, bam! You know she’s not really Lois and she’s really Ludwig.”
    Charlee: “Where did you pick THAT bit of nonsense up, Chaplin?”
    Chaplin: “Reading Dada’s old ‘Superman’ comics. Why?”

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  2. I vote it is Ludwig in disguise! Lola or Ludwig, that dress is cute. and I enjoyed every view of Lucy, Riley and YOU…


    1. Nah. Anyone can put on a dress. It would look adorable on you, C, but I think it’s too small. It’s definitely too small for me. Come to think of it , it kinda looks like a dress I had when I was a puppy… XOX Xena


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