Thankful Thursday and Grooming with Mom: Bailey

Hello friends. Lucy, Ace Reporter here today to report on another fantastic groom. It all started at a party…a Super Bowl party to be exact. Mom went to the party thrown by her work-place, and she sat down to eat with some of the people who attend that synagogue. The couple next to her said they were looking for a new groomer for their sweet shih tzu, and mentioned that Aoife’s Mom had told them what a good job Mom does on Aoife. A few weeks later they called Mom for an appointment. Mom didn’t bother with a “before” picture, because Bailey wasn’t in bad shape. He mostly needed his face and paws and certain other areas trimmed. Here he is after his mini-groom and bath.

Bailey is a little over two years old. Mom said he’s one of the best behaved pups she’s ever had the pleasure to groom.

Do y’all remember Rhett?


He came to us to be groomed for the first time last September, and has been coming back every six weeks.

And Maggie, whose Mom is a cancer survivor. We know all your prayers and POTP helped!


Maggie is coming every six weeks now, too.

And lots of other regulars like Maggie the schnauzer and her sister Dora the explorer shih tzu, who come to see us every three weeks.

Dora (L) and Maggie

As well as two of our yorkie friends, Slider and Peyton, who come every six weeks.

OK, so maybe Peyton (top) isn’t really a yorkie, but that’s what the guy who sold her to them said.

We’re thankful for all the wonderful pups who come to get groomed and loved-on by me and Mom. There’s lots more, and each one is special in his or her own way.

This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with wags and kisses. I hope you enjoyed this segment of Grooming with Mom.

23 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday and Grooming with Mom: Bailey

  1. Your mom sure has a devoted clientele and for good reason. She performs amazing (and beautiful) results, dear Lucy. I wish she were closer by so I could have her ‘work’ on Norman. He’s only ‘slightly bigger than these guys (when taken as a whole). I think it’ll take a whole day to groom his acreage.

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    1. Mom says thanks, and if Norman were living with us, she would divide him into quarters (figuratively speaking) and thoroughly brush one quarter every day. Then he would be completely brushed every 4 days! That’s the secret to a “matless” groom on a bigger dog! XOX Xena

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