The Bears are Back

Xena: Who’s up there on the bed whispering? Make way, I’m coming up.

Yay! You’re all out of hibernation, and look! There’s our missing Mr. Eleephant!! Sweetheart, your eye looks odd. Do you have pink-eye?

Sweetheart Bear: No, Xena, that’s just my pink furs that got in it. You can lick them away from my eye if you want. And yes, we found Mr. Eleephant. Well, actually, Rainbow bear found him sitting on the front step. He was a bit hungry and cold, but otherwise he’s ok.

Elle: The bears are having a post-hibernation confab and I was invited because I’m Mr. Eleephant’s care-taker when he is here.

Jen Jen Bear: Yes we’re discussing how to keep everyone alive and safe from that Riley dog, as well as what to do about that Scoundrel Ludwig.

Riley: Why does everybody always pick on me?

Ludwig suddenly appears: Mr. Eleephant, it’s good to see you’re alive and well. I had urgent business to…

Rainbow Bear: Ludwig, you scoundrel! We take care of our own around here. How dare you abandon Mr. Eleephant on the front porch while you tried to spy on Xena! (click here if you missed this)

Ludwig: Mr. Eleephant is OK – he’s a tough old coot. And well, I, I, I already wore the cone of shame. Isn’t that enough? Can’t we all be friends again?

The bears and the elephants discussed how they wanted to handle this, and what to do next. An executive decision was made…

OK, all y’all, game’s on. Last one to Xena’ kennel is a rotten Ludwig!

This is Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess and Chippy the chipmunk with a hoard travelling to my kennel.

26 thoughts on “The Bears are Back

    1. Well, you see, Mr. Eleephant was Angel Lexi’s and so was the purple bear. Mommy found most of the rest of then up for adoption at a wonderful shelter called Good Will. XOX Xena


      1. Why I shop there, I got my Halloween costume there! You know it is named after me. Lee always says I’m Good yep Good Will when I’m helping kids read.
        Sweet William The Scot

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  1. HURRAH!! Mistur Eleephant you are Okay!!! Wee bin so wurried ’bout you!!
    Well come outta hybernation all you lovelee Bearss!
    An Ludwig you shuud bee ashamed of yoreself!! Notty poochie…..
    Yore so sweet an furgivin Xena; mee wuud have bunny kicked Ludwig innto next week!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

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    1. Hey what a great idea, Miss Monika! We could “take up a collection” to help care for our elderly stuffies! Wowzers! XOX Xena Pee S. I almost caught a lizard out front today, but just ended up with his wiggling tail!

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  2. well now Lucy and Xena, you have topped our talking dog and spelling bee post by having a hoard of bears and elephants talking and traveling around your house… Riley is look soooo handsome and you girls are as beautiful as ever… seems this virus is making us humans do strange things

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