Xena’s Story with Input from Sho Part 4a

Sho is joining in Xena’s story, and on her way to find her sister, Tye.

The Canadian Cats

Please read the first parts of the story under Xena’s Story in our pages.  The story will make sense.  Now when we last left Sho she had chosen a fantabulous Magic Carpet and looked at the map so she knew how to get to the United States.  The shortest way was to go through the Gulf of Siam into the Indian Ocean and then make a sharp left to the Pacific Ocean.  Sho also noted that if she turned right from the Indian Ocean she could travel the Atlantic and…oh look, there’s the country of Canada.  Sho dreamed of going to Canada one day, that’s why she named the hut Canada….just to have a piece of this huge country near.                                                             …

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