Xena’s Story- Finale

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“We’re almost there,” exclaimed Xe! “C’mon Sho, let me sit up front and steer. I know where we are going!”

Sho knew that CADA’s built-in navigation system would get them where they were going no matter who drove. She quietly agreed and swapped places with Xe. CADA wouldn’t let Xe crash them. Sho knew she made the right decision when she saw how happy Xe looked.

“Over there!” Xe barked a short while later. “That’s my house!” The Siamese sisters looked to where Xe was pointing and right there, on the front lawn, was a shiny, striped dog looking up at them.

“Hey, that must be your sister, Lu,” meowed Tye.

“OMD, it is her! I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed her until now,” cried Xe.

Then Tye and Sho noticed the strangest thing. There were several stuffies looking through the front window of the house at them! Xe didn’t notice them. She was keeping her eyes on Lu, who was running to open the front door for them.

After making a soft landing on the front lawn, Xe tore into the house after Lu. Lu had been very worried about Xe and had missed her tons and tons too.

When Lu was done welcoming Xe back with lots of hugs and kisses, she told Xe and Sho and Tye about a surprise that she had asked their Dad to set up. She told Xe to go play with her stuffie friends while she got Dad to help her get the surprise started.

While the bears got Xe caught up on what they’d been doing while she was gone, Xe tried to see what Lu’s surprise was.

Sho was mesmerized with Rainbow Bear. She was secretly wondering if Rainbow tasted like candy. She used her wisdom and self-control to not bite or lick her to find out. Behind her, Winter bear (in the blue scarf) was secretly adoring Sho. He thought she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen.

Meanwhile, Lu was busy helping their Dad to get the surprise started.

“Hey Xe! Sho! Tye! Come on in here and say hey.”

The travelling trio went on into the library to find out what was up. They saw an app on the computer called Zoom. They didn’t immediately understand how they could see their new travelling friends, and see themselves as well. But they forgot about the “hows” when their friends started talking to them.

“Look,” meowed Tye, “there’s Pedro from the detention center, with the nice man who became his sponsor and rescued him.”

“I got Taco Bell,” exclaimed Pedro. “I get it every day if I want. I’ve learned to like fried catfish and black-eyed peas, too. Oh, and I am very glad your amiga the schnauzer dog found you, seniōra Tye.

“There’s Ho No,” woofed Xe. “I think I like looking at her better from the front than from atop her back.”

“I knew my friend Sally would get you where you needed to be,” whinnied the Horse with No Name. “And when I saw the other Siamese cat on that crazy magic carpet, I sent her your way. “

“But why did you work so hard to help us?” inquired Tye.

“I could tell you would persevere until you made a difference in the lives of hundreds, maybe thousands. And you didn’t disappoint me,” Ho No replied.

“Y’all done good,” chimed in Sally the Plot Hound. “It was a real pleasure to be part of your adventure and help make history!”

“Thank you, Sally, and God bless you! We love you!” both Tye and Xe shouted at once. Then the two BFF’s looked at each other and laughed.

“I told Mr. Abe y’all got home OK, and he asked me to let y’all know that every one of the Siamese cats in detention have been reunited with their families and offered loving homes in the USA,” Sally drawled with a smile and a wink.

“With my Sponsor’s help, I called Squish the elephant over in Siam to let him know that everything worked out well,” barked Pedro. “Siam experienced a minor earthquake from Squish jumping up and down with joy. He wishes you all well, and wanted to make sure Tye knows that Siam is now officially Tyeland. They even have a new flag.”

*Tye almost faints from excitement and a feeling of wonder*

“And I,” said Ho No, “reached Buddha in Newfoundland. He couldn’t be near a computer to join in Zoom, but said something like, ‘You’s be out and see de world, now find yous a home an’ be yous happy cats, lo.”

“Thank you all for helping my sister and our dog friend,” purred Sho. “You’re the best friends ever.”

Amids many well wishes and hopes to see each other again, everyone signed off Zoom, cause they only had a personal account with a 40 minute time limit.

“That was so great, I just wish we could have seen them ‘in person’ again,” commented Xe.

“Oh, you won’t be seeing anyone ‘in person’ again – except each other – for a while,” replied Lu. There’s a Shelter in Place order because of the pandemic that hit just before you returned home.

“But, but, we were going to Canada!” shouted both the Siamese cats.

“Hey, Mommy,” yelled Xe, “you’d better stock up on shrimp. Come on girls, I’ll show you your room, and then we can think up new adventures.”

*2 days later*

“I told you her beard is lickable after she eats, right?” woofed Lu.

“Oh, it does taste good, with a smorgasboard of flavors,” replied Sho. “This part here smells like Fancy Feast,” Tye mewed as she pawed through to find the best morsels.”

“I knew I never shoulda let them meet Lucy,” sighed Xe.”

And thus ends the story of a Schnauzer named Xe and her Siamese cat friends named Sho and Tye. Well, at least for now.

22 thoughts on “Xena’s Story- Finale

  1. That Zoom thing is almost as quick and fun as that zoomy flying carpet, MOL
    I do love a happy ending, and this has it, plus the promise of more fun to come!
    Stay well and enjoy the shrimp, and Lucy’s beard, MOL
    PS. I think at least one of you needs a cape!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, I don’t think we’ll be stealing any hats, Miss Monika. Or going anywhere on any adventures for a while. Now, what do I have to do to make some money – or treats – with this? XOX Xena

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I do love a happy ending and a happily ever after story. good job and I loved today photos and the zoom story. I had never heard of zoom until 2 days ago when my friend in savannah emailed and asked if I could help her with how to put it on her phone because her grandson was having a zoom birthday party. I was no help at all but I did find out what it is.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. They have to wait for the Shelter in Place thingie to go away, then they’ll hop on the magic carpet and Ride, Sally, Ride. Er, I mean they’ll ride it to Canada.


  5. oh that was a super story and we are so happy that you all are together now… and what a surprise!!! we love that… and we have to admit that we never had taco bell… why they don’t come to our part of da world?

    Liked by 1 person

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