Inside Scavenger Hunt

Today I’m joining a blog Scavenger Hunt Hop hosted by Hootin Anni.
Hunt ends on April 15th.

#1- A piece of jewelry with RED on it. and #2- An animal [live or stuffed]

This is a piece of vintage jewelry that my son gave me, and I think we all know this is our sweet girl Lucy (while she’s “live,” I think she may have just eaten and be “stuffed,” also.

#3- A printed item [book, magazine, letter, package, etc.] with the letter “L” on the cover/front and #4- A YELLOW flower [artificial or real]

This is one of my husbands old books that I have yet to read, and part of a “Flower of the Month – May” print my son gave me to sell (OK, so it’s hanging on my wall).

#5- Framed art with a human image and #6- Anything made of glass [except for a drinking glass!]

That’s a picture of me and Lexi during her Freestyle trial (she titled and came in third). And I guess you get the theme on this – a glass schnauzer.

#7- Something with a buckle and #8- Something square or rectangle that is BLUE

My purse played double-duty on this one.

#9- Anything that is unopened [can, jar, carton] with the word “Nutrition” printed on it and this is #10. It is an odd one. Find something and make it a “Macro Mystery”. It has to be an item that is uncommon. Something we do not see every day. :for instance, a paint can opener:…and a macro image [close up]. Make the image a mystery for us to guess what the item is; not the ‘whole thing’. Then, after you link your hunt items, we can guess what it is in your comments!

We had an extra salt shaker. And can you guess what my mystery picture is? Please leave your guess in comments below.

14 thoughts on “Inside Scavenger Hunt

  1. You have done such a wonderful job. Love the play on words with “stuffed” animal. So so cute too.

    As for your mystery macro, I don’t know, but will guess key chain rings?

    Sorry it’s taken me a couple days to come by and visit with you two. What with so many online these days, connection is difficult.

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  2. love that butterfly and I LOVE LUCY but you knew that. I like your glass dog, I used my glass cat, ihave a dog, elephant, giraffe, 2 bears a deer and a cat… glass is my thing.. about the guess what it is… part of a decorate basket? or a glass decoration? can’t wait to find out

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