Xena’s Story: Sheltering in Place with the Siamese Sisters

Tye: I’m getting bored with this Shelter in Place thingie. Hey Xe, let’s play a new game.

Xe: OK, what do you want to play?

*a bit later*

Tye: Sit still, I’m almost done fixing your hair. Then I’ll do your nails.

Xe: Curlers in my beard? And I see nail clippers! I’m outa here.

Tye: Wait, Xe, you’re going to like this next part….trust me.

Xe: Mmmm, can I have the recipe for this juicy drink? When can I eat the cucumber slices?

Tye: Wait til I’m done with my spa soak and I’ll get you finished up, Xe.


Lucy: What do you suppose Tye and Xe are doing in the house?

Sho: Hmm, all I know is I’m enjoying laying here in the sun. Do you like the drink I made for you, Lu? I’m sure those two are having fun playing some silly game or another.

Tye: And then you step like this *hic* and wave your front arms *hic* and wiggle your hips. *meow, meow, meow*

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