Xena’s Story: Sheltering in Place with Sho & Tye Part 2

Sho: Well, if we had to be stuck somewhere other than Canada during this pandemic, I’m glad it was here with you and Xe. And Tye had the right idea with this spa tub. I – being a cat – didn’t think I would like it. But it’s so relaxing.

Lu: It’s true, Sho. And this inoculation of Corona tastes pretty good. Do you think it would work better if we had it in “shots”?

Both: BOL, MOL, ha, ha, ha, *hic*

Xe: Hey, what are you two doing?

Tye: OMC, I can’t look. I think they’re naked!

Lu: Of course we are, silly cat. None of us wears clothes. Well, except when you put on that strange-looking hula skirt. The real question is, what have you two been up to?

Tye: I flipped Xe the bird. Xe: And then I shot Tye the bird. Both: Yep, we kept flipping each other the bird and it was lots of fun.

*earlier that day*

Tye: I’m so glad we found these old rackets up in your attic. *whack*

Xe: *whack* Me too, Tye. Shoot that angry bird back to me and I’ll flip this one right back atcha.

27 thoughts on “Xena’s Story: Sheltering in Place with Sho & Tye Part 2

  1. Petcretary had angry birds telling her to get away from where their nests were and she didn’t even know there were any near by…MOL!

    You two seem to be a wee bit inebriated on the corona beer inoculation/inculcation!! or is it decoction??

    Whack a Doodle…that is what our peeps feel like these days.

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  2. We definitely have angry birds around here, though I haven’t yet heard a swear word, MOL
    Great to see you guys keeping up the exercise too! Looks like you have a veritable health resort where you are. Lockdown clearly isn’t quite as bad as we thought 🙂

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  3. Four girls together having fun! You are so lovely, drinking beer in a bathtub, I hope you don’t drink too much, Sho was hicking already.
    Do you know Angry Birds are Finnish by their origin?
    Kosmo, of course, sees stars in his eyes and he can’t say anything else but Lu, Lu..

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