Xena’s Story: Sho and Tye Think Canada Part 3

Where we left off was with a beautiful, 3-point landing of Sho’s magic carpet, right in front of the hut Canada in Tyeland, Shortly afterward, Sho drifted into a deep sleep (probably from exhaustion, although Xe drove all the way there from Tennessee, so Sho shouldn’t have been that tired). If you missed that, you can go read about it here at the Canadian Cats. As Sho lay snoring…

Tye: Are you getting bored, Xe?

Xe: Yes. We need an adventure. *thinking* Hey! Do you remember how we wanted to try stuffing a mouse down a cobra’s throat, but your big sister Sho was always around so we couldn’t do it?

Tye: Yep, and she’s sound asleep in our hut Canada now.

The friends, about to embark on an adventure, take off through the jungle, looking for a mouse and a cobra.

Tye: Hold the snake still!
Xe: I’m trying. Maybe there’s a stick or rock that could help.
Tye: No!! Don’t let it go!
Mouse: Help!! Help!! I don’t want to die!
Xe: That mouse screaming for help isn’t helping. And you went up too high in the palm.
Cobra: *gurgle* You’re choking me!
Tye: I’m hanging down as low as I can without falling.
Xe: There’s a little stick I could wedge in the snake’s mouth.
Cobra: When I get loose *gurgle* I’m gonna kill you, *gag* you stupid schnauzer.
Tye: Forget it, he’ll get you while your back is turned. On the count of 3, we both let go and run as fast as we can. One, two, run!

A short while later…

Sho: *yawn* I had a good nap. Did you two do anything interesting while I was asleep.

Xe: You mean like shove a mouse down a cobra’s throat? Woof, woof!
Tye: Yeah, or almost fall out of a palm? Meow, meow, meow.
Xe: We waited on you to take a nice walk with us.
Sho: You two are so funny. Let’s stroll down the jungle lane to see if there’s anything interesting going on. Some pretty flowers should be blooming this time of year.

Xe, whispering to Tye: Do you think the cobra’s gone? Remember, he threatened to kill me!
Tye, whispering to Xe: Maybe, but let’s wear sunglasses or hats just in case, so he doesn’t recognize us. We’ll have to keep a watchout. And “flowers” will be our code word for cobra.

Tye: Do you see any flowers?
Xe: Nope, nothing.
Sho: Look, I see a flower over here.
Tye and Xe: Eeeeek!

At that, Tye and Xe turned and ran (again) all the way back to the hut Canada.

Sho: Those two are so funny together. I’m glad they’re having a good time.

Sho never suspected that the “pretend” story of a cobra and a palm could be true, and she continues to sleep well because of it.

This concludes part 3, but stay tuned for part 4, coming to a blog near you.

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Jungle Princess

28 thoughts on “Xena’s Story: Sho and Tye Think Canada Part 3

  1. Part Three ~ I hate to enter a story near the end. One should always start at the beginning.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

    Liked by 1 person

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