Xena’s Birthday Weekend

Xena: Since it’s almost my birthday, can I lay in your Porch Bed, Lucy?

Lucy: You mean the Bed Formerly Known as Riley’s? Sure. I’m good right where I am.

Xena: Did you hear what Mommy was saying earlier about my birthday? She was talking about getting me a special treat and yummy food. She didn’t know I was cooling off behind her chair and could hear every word she said.

Me cooling off behind Mommy’s chair

Lucy: I heard some of it, but I was under the table dozing. I don’t think she saw me, either.

Xena: I also got to see what she had up on her ‘puter screen. Look at this!

(Click on picture for link to site.)

Xena: Then I heard her on the phone with someone saying she wanted the Tripe-stuffed cow hoof and two packs of the plain cow hooves and a case of the XKaliber mix like I used to eat growing up and would you be able to eat it too and I don’t know what the person answered her. Aaaand, she said she wanted to take me with her almost to Atlanta to pick it all up.

She asked if I could eat it, too?!?

Lucy: You know, Xena, you could always ask Mom about it. Even if that ruins her surprise for you, I know you won’t let it go until you find out. Here she comes now.

Xena: Mommy, are we going to Atlanta to get my birthday surprise?

The Mom: No. (We’re actually going to Marietta, north of Atlanta, but I’m not telling her that.)

This is Xena the almost birthday girl, wondering if I should get my ears checked. I was sure I heard her say… *sigh*

22 thoughts on “Xena’s Birthday Weekend

  1. While reading about your coming birthday and your sneaking around listening to your mom’s private conversations all I could think of was what position mom had to get in with her camera to take the pictures that she was showing us. I had fun trying to decide how she got Lucy under the under the chair and you behind her chair and awkward positions it would take to get those photographer positions. I do hope that all your dreams come true and that you do get to go to Atlanta and past and that you do get everything you deserve. Oh well maybe not everything you deserve haha

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    1. She sure was sneaky with that camera, wan’t she, Miss Sandra? Me and Lucy, we’ve been getting the Green Tripe to eat *drool*, so we know she went there, but not what else she got! XOX Xena


  2. Waiting for a birthday is as exciting as waiting for Christmas. Xena, your mom will arrange a great party for you, for sure.I must tell you what happened yesterday. Dad opened the door out and said ooh,and a tiny dog ran inside. Dad carried her downstairs with mom. The dog was very friendly and wanted to play. Mom called to a lady who has a shelter and asked if someone has asked for her. No, no,so mom took a pic and sent it to the lady. Then mom and dad went for a walk with the dog if some knows her. And one lady with a dog knew her home, and at the same time a girl was calling, she got our number from that shelter. So the dog, Mady is back home and we had a dog about an hour. I am sorry, a such a long comment.

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    1. Wow, I thought you were going to say you have a new dog brother and he’s a schnauzer! *disappointment* But maybe it was fun for you for a little while and it really is good the doggie found his home. Maybe he will come visit you again. XOX Xena

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