My Last Day of Being Two

Well, it turns out that I didn’t get to go anywhere with Mommy today. She left early with a cooler packed with ice bricks, and I saw Daddy packing her lunch. She said bye to me and Lucy and that she would be back, like she always does, just in case we think she is leaving for good.

Me and Lucy and Chippie played for a while until Daddy came upstairs from his basement office and asked what was going on.

By then, we all were worn out. Does that mean I’m getting old?

After we got kefirred at noon (that’s what it’s called when we get served our kefir at lunchtime), we went out on our new porch so we could hang out while we waited for Mommy to come home.

Me and Lucy played chase across the porch, not even slowing for the doggie door. We made a full circle of the yard before we slipped through the door again and onto the porch. I turned and ran back out before realizing that Luce the Deuce, er, Lucy wasn’t chasing me anymore. When I stuck my head in to peek, I realized it was a trap! Just look at Lucy’s tail! She was ready to spring on me! I turned and ran and off we went. We played so hard that once again we fell down exhausted.

87 hours later Mommy got home, and all she carried upstairs from the car was some groceries from Trader Joe’s. With my most excellent ears, I heard her ask Daddy to unload the rest into the downstairs freezer.

“I’m dreaming of a tripe birthday,
Not like the ones I’ve had before.
Where the innards glisten
And Lucy listens
To hear if we might be getting more…”

This is Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess, one day away from 3 years old, with this stupid, revised Christmas song stuck in my head.

20 thoughts on “My Last Day of Being Two

  1. Lulu: “Happy impending birthday, Xena!”
    Charlee: “Soon you will be the big oh-three!”
    Lulu: “Are you taking up poetry again, Charlee?”
    Charlee: “Hmm, you know, seems maybe so.”
    Chaplin: “Huh. Usually we’re too late for cake. This time we’re early. I can’t win.”

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  2. I was totally shocked exclamation I say I was totally shocked when I got to the end of this fantastic story of two pups playing. All the way through I was thinking mama was going to come home with a third dog because you said it was your last day of being too and I I thought that meant you were going to be three dogs. And here you are almost three years old love love love the post

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    1. BOL, BOL, BOL! I heard Mommy say she would like to get a little boy schnauzer so we could play, but that pups cost a lot to buy and even more to take care of, and they just had the new porch built, yadda, yadda, yadda. So I think I will be an only schnauzer for a while. Besides, I’ve got Lucy to play with, so that’s just fine with me. XOX Xena


  3. Happy One day before your Birthday, Xena! Then you will have caught up with me, as I, Dalton am three now…but then in August I’ll be four. You’ll have to chase me to catch up, BOL!

    But its kind of way too hot to chase anything…even tree rats…and outside is where the skeeters are. pesky things.

    Glad your Mom got home to safely store all the provisions…for your birthday(?)!

    We’ll dream with you…Zzzzz…….

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