Nature Friday: Xena’s Birthday Walk

We are joining Arty, Jakey and Rosy of the LLB Gang for Nature Friday, and thank them for hosting it.

If you missed it, my birthday was on Sunday. You can still send Happy’s and treats if you want. I won’t be upset that they’re late. *woof*

Early in the afternoon on Sunday Mommy drove me to a new-to-us park that we’d heard about that is only a mile away from our house. When we got there, the only road we could find into the tiny park was closed off at both ends. There were about seven people in the pool, and a sign that said road was closed when the pool was open. What the friggin heck? Sorry, I’m starting to pick up some bad habits like swearing now that I’m three years old. That’s legal age in dog years, you know. Speaking of which, Mommy got an adult beverage yesterday and I almost knocked it over trying to drink some and it splashed out onto the table, and Mommy made me get off her lap. What the heck? I’m adult legal now! *sigh* After she cleaned it all up, I got a belly rub instead, and that was good.

So anyhow, since we couldn’t get into this micro-park, we went on down to the greenway where the dog-park-that-we-don’t-go-to is and where there is a very long dog-on-leash walking trail. Mommy said we could go as fast or as slow as I wanted and I could stop to sniff whenever I wanted cause it was my birthday! First I went in the nice green grass on the other side of this building and bridge, and Mommy said, “Uh, Xexe, you missed the trail. Would you like to go over there so we can take a longer walk?”

Wasn’t that nice she gave me a choice? I think being given a choice shows that Mommy thinks I’m grown up now, even if she won’t let me have an adult drink. So I said yes, let’s see what’s on the other side of the bridge.

At first we walked down a gravel path, which soon became just dirt. We reached this fork in the road.

Mommy told me about a Mr. Frost writing a poem about a road that was less traveled and did I want to take that one. I thought about it and decided there must be a good reason it’s less traveled, like maybe there are lions or snakes or monsters or crocodiles down there, so I said no, let’s go down the wide path.

Soon we came to a meadow that was off to the side of the wide dirt path. I took my time and sniffed the grass and the clover.

They were the only flowers we saw on this trip, so if you were expecting flowers, sorry.

Pretty soon we came into a sunnier area with a lot of big rocks. Rocks are nature too, right? More sniffing to do. I think maybe a giant had broken a boulder over his knee and this was what was left of it.

I stopped again to sniff along the edge of the trail where there were some green plants until I heard the warning, “No, there’s poison ivy in there!” So I backed away and continued on the path. Poison ivy is nature we don’t want to experience! We passed several other walkers and joggers and some people, too, and I didn’t bark at anyone!

Next, we saw some slimy, muddy water. Guess what I did!

I know you think I went in it, BOL, but nope, I was a good girl and behaved like I was three years old. This is icky nature.

Soon we came almost to the light at the end of the (tree) tunnel.

I was busy inspecting these big tree roots when Mommy suggested we turn around and go home. I didn’t want to until she said she had a cold treat surprise waiting for me. We couldn’t make cold treat surprises wait on a hot day, could we?!

Maybe we’ll come back soon with Daddy and Lucy and try the road less traveled.

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess who is legal age

27 thoughts on “Nature Friday: Xena’s Birthday Walk

  1. Xena, you are of a tender age but old enough to know of the uncouth ways of humans like swearing, drinking and using drugs like catnip. Although your mom doesn’t strike us as the druggy type and I just can’t imagine your mom sitting down to have a snort of catnip followed by a twist of oregano. MOL

    Happy 3rd Birthday, Xena.

    Shoko and Tyebe

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    1. Oh. So maybe you’re saying I should stop using words like sugar (sorry) and such? I know those are bad swear words, so maybe now that I can say them, I won’t feel like I want to any more. Mommy and Daddy almost never ever swear. Almost. And drugs? Mommy will barely take an aspirin! But they both drink their special drinks sometimes…. XOX Xena


  2. Xena…swearing and adult beverages girl you crack me up. I nearly fell out of my chair.
    It appears you and mom did a wee bit of exploring.
    I absolutely love that poem by Mr. Frost… is my favorite says so much about life
    Hugs cecilia

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  3. PAWSOME Burthday walkie Xena!!!! You sure are a big gurl nows, butts I don’t understand why your Moms won’t lets you have any of my margaritas! sigh. Wells, I can make you a special batch without any *cough, cough* tequila….oh, I can’t believes I said that! BOL!
    Ruby ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy 3rd Birfday sweet Xena mee frend!!
    Yore Birfday walk sure was inn-terestin an fun. Reeleeved you not step inn Poison Ivy!!! That iss ucky stuff fore sure….
    Mee has taken both THE HYE Road an THE Low Road a Road nevurr taken an mee leerned alot of thingss. THE oen thing that appliess to ALL roadss iss to have Faith inn Sky cAt….umm well maybe Sky Doggie inn yore case…..hmmmm, mee must pondurr this sum more….
    **purrss** an ~~head rubss~~BellaDharma~~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You sound like you have lots of experience, Miss BellaDharma. I’m sure our Creator would take care of us down the Road Less Traveled, but why take a chance? I’m sure he (or she) is busy with other stuff. XOX Xena


  5. What a pawsome birthday walk…and best of all, I bet your frozen treat was delicious!!!
    Rosy(who can’t wait until she is three so she can swear too)!!

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  6. I think this might have been the bestest Walkabout for your birthday I’ve ever seen! Love that light at the end of the tunnel in glad you didn’t go all the way there. Who knows what might be there good idea to stay off those trails that might have all the Munsters and alligators and things

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  7. oooh happy happy birthday to youuu!! and what a wonderful walk… we love it that your mama talks with you about serious topcs and even about poetry… that means we are not only da pets but their soulmates, right?

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