Achilles & Ella Vacation Day 5

Lucy: You look bored, Ella. Why don’t you tell me a story about what’s been going on at your house. I heard some of it from Achilles, and now I want to hear it from you, girlfriend.

But you didn’t want to hear how I almost died, Lucy. *thinking* OK, I’m going to give you the quick version.

I stopped eating ’cause I felt uncomfortably full. And I stopped pooping ’cause it couldn’t come out no matter how hard I tried. I felt all “bloated.” My regular vet who I love couldn’t help me ’cause she didn’t have the diagnostic equipment, so Mom spent most of the rest of the day trying to find someone who both could and would help me. Seems a lot of docs aren’t taking new patients during this awful COVID-19 thingie. Finally we went to a great dogtor who used a machine that could see me inside and I had something called a blockage way down in that messy coil of intestines. Can you see the ring on my front arm? That’s where they shaved me and put in a needle to help me go to sleep for my surgery. They fed me and gave me drinks like that too for a while, until I was able to eat again. Do you see the huge black square on my tummy? That’s where they shaved me and cut me open and removed the block from inside my tummy. Who knew my skin is black!?

Lucy: I think your black skin is beautiful, Ella. That is a very scary story, but it has a happy ending. Umm, I’m also glad you gave me the short version!

Ella: Me too, I’m thirsty now. But first, tell me some more about stuff that’s been happening around here.

Lucy *thinking*: Hmm. OK. Riley was spending a lot of time here. Can you believe he still has an ear infection that’s been going on a year or more?

He seemed to really like being here, and would even ask my Dad to play ball with him every night. The first time he asked, he stood right in front of Dad, staring at him, and started barking that really loud, deep bark of his. Dad’s usually really good at understanding us, but this time he just looked over at Mom with a “Why is he doing this?” look on his face. Mom knew right away. “He wants you to play ball with him,” she said. I don’t know how she knew; I mean, even I didn’t know. But she can “read” that boy. After doing the same stare and bark two nights in a row, Dad finally knew what Ri-boy wanted at the same time every night, and would get up and play ball with him.

Ella: He is a good looking dog, isn’t he? I wish he liked me, but he was pretty hateful to me the only time I’ve been around him. I really don’t understand it. I like everyone and everyone likes me! We could have made pretty puppies when we were younger… *sigh* But what about his ear infection?

Lucy: Oh yeah. Mom picked him up from Andrew’s and took him to the vet. They came to the car and got him and took a little of the gunk out of his ears to do a culture.
Oh, and me and Xena went too, and gave blood for our twice-yearly DNA HW test, which came back negative. In this case, negative was a good thing.
Anyhow, about a week later, the new vet – who never met Riley – called and said he has two types of staph in his ears, and they would work him in to treat it. She said it would be fast and easy to clean out his ears and put in the medicine. I could see Mom covering her mouth and her whole body shaking. I was afraid she was having a seizure, but turns out she was trying not to laugh. Finally, she told the new vet that four grown men can’t hold him to clean his ears or cut his nails. But he trusts his dad Andrew to clean his ears, so she promised that he would do that before she brought him. At the vet’s, the vet techs put the medicine in his ears while he was still in the car. He wore a “just in case” muzzle, but he was surprisingly good. Now we’re waiting to see if it works.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen…

Xena: Hey ‘killies, when’d you join the gang?
Achilles: I don’t know what you mean.

Xena: We’re both “in the hood!” BOLOLOL!!
‘Killies: *groan*

Lucy, Ella, Achilles and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

23 thoughts on “Achilles & Ella Vacation Day 5

    1. Xena: Tennessee (our state) just got voted #1 as having the most new cases of COVID-19 in the nation! Woohoo!
      Lucy: Xena, you are a bit confused. Being #1 is not always a good thing. Especially for this reason.


  1. Yikes, indeed.Ella sure was a sick pup, glad she was helped and is doing so much better, now.
    Pawppy had an issue like that several years ago…yup, but he did NOT eat any rabbits.
    Hope the new medicine helps Riley.

    And we want those hoods to come off, POTP to the wearers:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LOL BOL MOL and all those OLS out loud… in the HOOD. i get it and i can’t stop laughing. i am sooooo sorry to hear about the surgery and the staph in the ears but id did get a few more laughs out of the new vet and the 4 gronw men. you sure have had a lot going on in your neck of blog land. 4 hugs to 4 beautiful pups

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow…so much going on in both households!! Glad everyone is doing a bit better now…and hope the “hoods” come off soon!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Deer Ella that was a nitemare that you went thru’…mee iss sendin POTP an ❤ to you an LadyMew sendss purrayerss. What a scarey time fore you, butt THE Vet soundss like a guud purrson an made you all bettur!Deer Riley wee furry sorry you have ucky ear innfection!! CATFISH!! It must feel pawfull. Mee sendin you dubbell POTP to help you reecovurr soon.
    An Xena you an Achilless look adoorabell inn yor e 'hoodss'!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

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    1. Yes, I should have explained that. Ella and Achilles caught a rabbit, Ella ate it, and the vet thinks she got some form of food poisoning from it. Her intestines and some other organs were extremely inflamed. She’s a lucky pup, and we are so grateful she is still with us.

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  5. I smiled about your hood joke, but wow that was scary, whie reading I had ice cold drops on my forehead…… hugs to your vet who helped you… that’s a nightmare when our furkids are in danger…. we wish you a fast recovery and we send lots of potp to you

    Liked by 1 person

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