Nature Friday in Lucy and Xena’s Yard

We are joining Arty, Jakey, Rosy and Sunny of the LLB Gang for Nature Friday, and thank them for hosting it.

Our Mom is not known for having what’s called a green thumb. But, God bless her, she tries. All the annual flowers she planted this year are on their last legs stems. We won’t depress you with those. However, last fall, on a whim, she dropped a potted mum in a hole in the ground where her last “failure” happened, thinking it would die over the winter and she could just lift it out of there this spring. Guess what! It’s blooming, and it’s not even supposed to bloom until early fall.

Just a little ways down from the mum is a hosta that Mom planted last year. She divided one big hosta into 4 parts and planted them all.

Something is eating the smallest one, down by the driveway. But take a look; the rest of them are blooming!

As you may have seen, we got a new porch built on the back of the house where our patio used to be. Mom and Dad decided they needed to “frame” it with something nice, so Mom and Dad drove the truck (it’s a law in Tennessee that you have to own a truck, we think) to a place where they use big machines to dump a load of pea gravel into the back – a whole ton! When they got back, Dad backed up the hill to the top, by the porch. First, they put down some kind of material to keep the weeds from growing through, then cut 4 holes in it. Mom sent Dad back in the car to get some hostas. She really likes hostas cause she doesn’t have to plant them every year! While he was gone, she dug 4 big holes in the ground where they had cut the fabric, then put a black plastic edging around it all to keep the stones confined. I guess she figured we have enough stones in our back yard as it is since most of the soil has washed away. Anyhow, he came home with these GIANT hostas!

We guess there are different kinds of hostas, just like there are different kinds of dog.

Some are bigger than others.

If you’ve hung in here this long, we have one more thing to show you. Mom wanted an herb pot. She got out the biggest planter she had and filled it with one basil plant and one parsley plant, and they grew like crazy!

But they all get along!

Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

26 thoughts on “Nature Friday in Lucy and Xena’s Yard

  1. Beautiful! I have a huge bed of oregano that comes back year after year, and it loves the morning sun. All of our other herbs either burn up or bolt to seed and then they’re done. It just gets too hot and dry here. So I’m jealous of your green, but no so much that I want to live in TN. Way too humid there for me!

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  2. I started with one mango tree over 34 years ago. Today I have numerous trees that grew from the pits of the mangoes. The same for my avocado trees. I was told that a fruit bearing tree would never grow from a pit. I planted one close to the sidewalk for a shade tree. It has grown tremendously and bears fruit all growing season. It is an easy target for theft of the beautiful avocados.

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  3. Miss amy yore doin furry well with yore gardenin!! THE yellow Hosta iss gorgeeus! LadyMew’ss Hosta iss startin to flower…an wee waitin fore THE Black Eyed Susanss to bloom now….
    Xena an Lucy you look so cute together….
    **purrss** BellaDharma

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  4. WOW…Mama is oooing and awwing over your Mama herbs. Her Basil is not doing well at all this year! Your hostas look mah-velous! Ours are starting to bloom too!

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  5. Well I’m be a monkey’s Aunt lookie at Mum’s mums. Mother nature is full of surprises.
    Your hostas are lovely. We are 99.99999% sure the wild bunnies grazed on our hostas too.
    Ironically they ate the leaves but left the flower stalk. Crazy looking hostas blooming w/o leaves.
    Hugs Cecilia

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  6. Wow! I am now thinking that maybe being locked in the house during the virus something happened to your mom’s thumbs and now she has a green thumb because all of this is looking beautiful. I did not know there were different kinds of hostas but my favorite hostas of all is those two pups sitting there in front of the hostas. Love that photo

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  7. Herbs are good for not green thumbers like petcretary…and your not so green thumb is a lot greener than our petcretary’s! BOL! We found some teeny hostas that are overwhelmed by the shade from tall bee balm, so in the early fall, she will try to dig those up and replant somewhere better. We have parsley, rosemary and basil too…and chives, The cilantro has gone to seed, ooops.

    We loved seeing your giant hostas, there are a lot of them growing in a courtyard where petcretary works and they sure can make huge flower stalks!

    Thanks for the tour!

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    1. It’s fun to walk into our back yard to pick some herbs rather than run to the store and pay high prices for little plastic containers of them. And we are helping the environment too by not using plastic. Woo hoo!

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