Our Grandma’s 90th Birthday

Hi friends! Like we mentioned on Monday, we went away for a long weekend. We rode for about 87 hours from our home in Chattanooga to Dad’s hometown, Fort Wayne, Indiana. We were going to celebrate our Grandma’s birthday. She will be a zillion 90 years old this month. She usually gets around in a wheelchair now, but her mind is really sharp and she loves us pups.

Lucy: I was at Grandma’s home in Ill-in- noise a couple of years ago, and she loves me most. Here’s a picture to prove it.

Xena: You’re full of bull bark Lucy. Grandma may have just met me, but didn’t you hear all the nice things she said about me?

Lucy: Bull bark? Bull bark?? Do you think you are swearing at me, Xena? Oh never mind. I want to talk about the trip, not argue with you. So anyway, every little and big space in the car was packed full. The trunk was full to busting, there was stuff packed on the floor of the back seat, and stuff under the passenger’s feet. Dad was planning on cooking a big Mexican meal for everyone…

Xena: Tell them who everyone is, Lucy.

Lucy: I will, but first I want to tell about the trip up. Everyone thinks I’m happy going on a trip, ’cause it looks like I’m smiling.

But the truth is, I get real nervous. Pretty soon I start panting. And I keep asking if we’re there yet. I even tried to climb into the front seat with Mom and Dad.

Mom finally stopped the car, put me in a harness and strapped me in so all I could do was sit or lay down. And pant. I got some of Xena’s special CB radio oil and that chilled me out for about an hour before I went back to panting.

Xena: It’s not CB radio oil, silly Lucy. It’s Sea Beady oil. It’s kinda like my Sea Rum, but I don’t have to get stuck with a needle, and I still get a treat with it.

Also, I was a “perfect child” the whole way there and back. I know I was, ’cause I heard Mommy say so.

Lucy: Yeah, sure. Anyhoo, on the way, we got detoured through a very rural area, down the backroads of Kentucky. All of a sudden, five teenager cows – I heard they are called calfs or maybe calves, but definitely not caves – scooted under a fence and walked into the road right in front of our car! Good thing Mommy saw them coming and slowed down. I saw them too, and got so excited that I started screaming at them. I wanted to get out of the car and make friends, but no one would unstrap me and open my door. We rolled along at the calfs’ (or calves’) pace for a short while until they all walked back onto the grass off the side of the road. We didn’t see a barn or a house or we would have stopped and told their mom and dad that their teenagers were playing chicken with the car.

We hadn’t gotten past the cows for long when Mom put on the brakes for a squirrel who decided he had the right of way. Shortly after that, a red fox ran across the road just up ahead of us. We think that might be a sign of good luck, when a red fox runs in front of your car and doesn’t end up under it’s wheels.

Xena: That was all the excitement on the way there. On the way back – yes, I’m jumping ahead, so don’t even say it, Luce the Deuce Lucy – a cat crossed the road a few yards up from the car. Mommy was driving and Daddy was resting his eyes. Immediately after Mommy said, “Oh, there’s a cat crossing the road,” she ran over a great big stick that made a crunching noise. Daddy’s eyes flew open, and I bet you know what he was thinking!

We finally got to a house, and got everything inside, including me and Lucy, and Mommy fed us an early dinner. I thought this was going to be great until we heard, “See you later,” and our peeps left in the car. Thankfully, there was a big chair in front of the window facing the road where I could lay for almost 87 hours to watch for them to come back. I wanted to be mad and tell and show them how upset I was at being left. But dagnabit, I was too happy to see them when they got back that night. And you won’t believe what happened the next day… yep. The. Same. Thing. Twice. There was a good part though.

I’m exploring the back yard and looking for critters.

The house was way, way, way, way out in the country and we had a ton of yard to run in and explore. And we went for long walks down the country road.

Lucy: Xena wants me to introduce everyone that Dad was cooking for, and who me and Xena finally got to visit with on Sunday night. Oh, and I found out that Bobbi and Jennifer are Dad’s sisters, and Josie is his niece.

Lucy: This is just a small part of the really wonderful big yard we got to run and play in. The peeps had put their chairs in a circle under a huge tree. I went around and greeted everyone, then Xena and me, we started playing. We went to the outside of the circle and played chase, round and round the circle of people, as fast as we could go. Sometimes we cut through the middle, too. It was kinda like tag. When one of us caught the other, we would turn around and change who was chasing who. Everyone seemed to enjoy watching us.

Xena: Then my Aunt Jennifer and her daughter Josie wanted to see some of the dance moves we do for Freestyle. Mommy ran in the house fast to find me some treats, and she grabbed the walnuts off the counter. Everyone seemed fascinated that I would eat walnuts. What stange people…why wouldn’t I eat walnuts? They’re yummy! Then Mommy and me, we got in the center of the circle and showed them a lot of our moves, including our special Viennese Waltz figure that I made up and that the judges loved!.

Lucy: Finally, it was time to make the long trip home. I panted the whole way and Xena was the “perfect child.” *sigh*

Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

21 thoughts on “Our Grandma’s 90th Birthday

  1. Happy Happy 90th to Grandma…what an absolutely beautiful lady with a million dollar smile.
    You human family is gorgeous. I think you two pups inherited their smiles.
    Lucy car rides can be bad on humans too…and it is hot.
    Hugs Cecilia

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  2. Happy Birthday to your Grandma, what a pawsome party!! You gals sound like us…we are a bit stressed(and sometimes car sck) on the rides there ad back, bt we always have a blast when we are there!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Poor Lucy you’re just someone that doesn’t travel well and that’s why I never get to see my teeth because I don’t travel well either and I’m not talking about big boy I’m talking about me mama. When we lived in Kentucky and Mama and Daddy would go home to see the family in Savannah Georgia I always stayed in Kentucky with family friends because I hated the 12-hour drive and I still do. We are sisters under the skin. I loved all the family photos and the grandma really does not look 90 I would never have guessed she was that old and all the family looks so happy and I see exena that you got to sit in Daddy’s lap and the family photo. What a great time you all had

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  4. Aww, how sweet; seems like your visit was a special gift to your Gramma. The Ranch hands understand your car travel panting, Lucy. Mom ups our CBD when we go on long trips and it makes a big difference. Looks like a great family get-together for a pawsome reason. Love that family photos! Happy 90th to your Gramma. 🎉

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  5. Please tell your Grandma happy birthday from us! Sounds like it was a fun family time, well maybe except the dodge game mom had to play with all the wildlife and the car ride for Lucy. Thanks for sharing the pictures it was fun to see. ~ Bonnie, Belle, and Bess Pups.

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  6. ooh we wish your granny all da best and we are so happy with you that you came to make her birthday extra special! we are “are we there yet” passengers too and we will look for your special radio oil , because the wonder pills the mama bought were not what they promised … oh and we thought the same like your daddy for that noise LOL

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