The Demise of Mr. Otto Man

Mommy walked throught the house and said, “Eww, something smells like pee.” She sniffed around like a bloodhound and said, “Eww, this ottoman stinks.” She grabbed her gallon bottle of white vinegar and soaked poor Mr. Otto Man with it. After about a week, she took another whiff and said the vinegar didn’t work. “Jeff!” she said, “Help me carry this big heavy thing out into the sun. Maybe that will take care of the smell.” Every night she went out and tucked Otto Man in for the night with a big blue plastic cover. And every morning she went out and uncovered him. But, alas, he was “sick unto death” as they say. Mommy and Daddy loaded Otto Man into the back of the truck and Daddy took him to the Otto Man graveyard. Here is my memorial to Mr. Otto Man.

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess and Angel Lexi

23 thoughts on “The Demise of Mr. Otto Man

  1. We’re so sorry Xena, It sure sounds like Mr Otto Man was a very special and comfy friend. We’re glad you have your memories of him. ~Bonnie, Belle, Bess and Bea Pups.

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  2. RIP Mr. Otto man…..I am SURE none of YOU left your ‘mark’ on it, so i also concur that it was tree rats! Those evil furry tail vermin are capable of anythings!!!
    Wells, maybe there will be a new Otto Man in your future!
    Ruby ♥

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  3. Mee-yow wow mee iss sorry Mistur Otto Man had to leeve….so many memoreess….
    It tooked LadyMew YEERSS to get rid of THE armless chair that ‘angelss’ Grate Aunty Mingflower an Aunty NYLABLUE an Unkell Siddhartha Heney all sleeped on an sat with LadyMew over THE yeerss…
    Shee botted Unkell Siddhartha Henry THE mew chair an hee enjoyed it for ’bout 6 monthss…..then hee leeved an now THE chair iss all mine….LadyMew sayss it makess her happy to see mee snoozin inn that chair…..
    Mee hopess you get a mew Mistur Otto Man soon Xena an Lucy!
    **purrss** BellaDharma

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  4. what a sad story, sorry your Mr. otto man went to the dump, maybe that is what otto man calls the furniture rainbow… i should share the story of the dog bed. i just broke Big’s heart, in the second week of his illness, without thinking of him, it went in the dump and he still misses it. i did not know he was so attached to it. hope they get you a new one soon

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    1. Poor BB. Sometimes the peeps just don’t understand. Mom says not a prayer of getting another Otto Man. Besides not having another $300 to spend, she said he didn’t fit in the “new” house anyhow (we’ve been in the “new” house 10 years – well, Mommy and Daddy have.) XOX Xena


  5. Well Mr. Ottoman looks most comfy and is a very handsome piece of furniture.
    Ummmmm It appears everybuddy loved it. Sometimes things happen…no clue who/what/or where. I suspect it was the invasion of tree rats during the night.
    Your photos made me giggle.
    Hugs Cecilia

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