Grooming with Mom on Awww Monday

Hi again friends. Sometimes Mom feels bad that she doesn’t have a puppy picture of me. I assure her that I looked exactly like I do now, just smaller BOL! Here, let me show you what I mean.

Left: How I think I looked as a puppy. Right: me now.

Today, instead of reporting on new grooms, I’m taking my reporter hat off to show you an awww moment. Slider is a pup who has been coming here for a haircut and bath since January of 2014. I’ve shown you pictures of him, but to refresh your memory – or for those of you who weren’t with us then – here’s a pre and post groom look at him.

OK, maybe not much difference, but it makes his Mom happy.

The new thing I wanted to show you is his puppy picture his Mom shared with us today. Can you even believe it’s the same pup?

I hope to be back soon in my Ace Reporter mode to show you more of Mom’s grooms.

Thanks to Comedy Plus for hosting Awww Mondays.

Love and kisses, Lucy

14 thoughts on “Grooming with Mom on Awww Monday

  1. Lulu: “Look at you and your Mini-Me, Lucy!”
    Charlee: “Dada says he wishes they had puppy pictures of Dennis and our sister Trixie who we never met. He says he bet Trixie was a cute puppy.”
    Lulu: “Well, all puppies are cute, you know?”
    Chaplin: “If by ‘puppies’ you mean ‘kittens’ then sure.”

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  2. Best dog pictures are my most loved thing I do love it when they show pictures of you and when I see pictures of your mom’s grooms. I would not have guessed that that puppy is that dog and I must say that he looks just as cute groomed are not groomed and you look just as beautiful big or little. We know kind of sort of what you look like because you look a lot like my sons dog Zoe

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