Grooming with Mom: Pebbles and Meeka

Hello friends. Lucy Ace Reporter back with you again on the Groom Beat

Next up is a pair of shih tzus. Their dad is brothers with one of Mom’s other clients, who referred them to her.
Mom began with Pebbles, who is almost nine years old and the dominant one in the family. Pebbles tried to bite her while she was removing the hair from her ears. Mom stopped working long enough to have a “come to Jesus” meeting with her. Pebbles said she understood, and, just to be sure, Dad held her while Mom cut her nails. Pebbles didn’t give her any more trouble after that. Well, OK, she gave Mom lots of trouble, but didn’t try to bite her.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pebbles-clark.jpg
I don’t want to stand up!

Pebble’s Mom wanted her shaved and her face trimmed short. Mom remembered to take the “before” picture shortly after she started shaving Pebbles. She refused to stand up or cooperate in any way. She actually jumped out of the sink onto the table once during her bath. *sigh* Anyhoo, she made it through the groom alive even if she did poop on the table and in the sink.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pebbles-giving-stink-eye.jpg
I may not be allowed to bite you, but how’s this for a stink eye.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pebbles-clark-after-groom.jpg
Did you say my peep sisters are coming to get me?

Next up was Stink-Eye’s submissive sister, Meeka. Meeka pooped all over the floor while she was waiting her turn. *If I talk funny now ith becawwz I’m holding my nothe.

I heard what you said to my sister. Please don’t send me to Jesus.

Nine-year-old Meeka is just the opposite of Stink-Eye, er, Pebbles. She is what Mom calls passive-aggressive in the groom world. She didn’t want her front paws touched, so she kept laying her head on them while Mom was trying to shave them. She kept tucking herself into a ball until Mom finally used the loop thingy – like you saw around Stink Eye – to keep her standing.

She didn’t like her bath either, but Mom managed to keep her in the tub. Dried, groomed and finished! Pee Ess, when she lifts her ears, her hair stands up like that. She really doesn’t have horns, BOL.

Are we going home now?

Mom asked me to quote her here. I think this is how to do it:
A reliable source just informed me that both these dogs were covered underneath and in the back area with dried feces. My sourse is pretty sure that Pebbles has a bacterial infection on the insides of her back legs and her abdomen from the dried feces against their skin. She alerted their sisters – who picked them up – to this. She also advised them not to wait so long to get them groomed, suggesting every six to eight weeks.

This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with more wags and wiggles.

32 thoughts on “Grooming with Mom: Pebbles and Meeka

  1. I’ve watched our groomer groom Garnet, who has a lot of anxiety around getting groomed. It looks like a LOT of work and a lot of standing. Luckily, Garnet is very compliant, while being anxious.

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  2. Mee-yow wow Lucy this iss one seereuss ree-port! Poor Pebbless has innfection?? No wondur shee was so unhappy! Here *stink eye* iss supurr guud!
    An littel Meeka soundss like shee has sum passive-aggressive fire sure…
    Man Miss Amy you sure had yore werk cut out fore you with THE poochiess!
    ***purrss*** an ~~head rubss~~ BellaDharma~~
    Pee S: You EARNED xtra ~~head rubss~~ Miss Amy ❤

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  3. We sure are thankful for patient Groomers like your Mama….Arty’s groomer finally said she can’t see him again unless he is sedated…..He makes Stink Eye seem nice. His skin issues really made him adverse to any kind of grooming, bathing and handling over the years.

    He is very prone to bacterial and yeast infections and is bathed weekly (by me)…and I hate hearing about other suffering pups who may be heading down the same path. We sure hope the sisters take your Mamas advice…

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    1. We kinda thought dear Arty had gotten like that. It’s so sad, really. And he’s very blessed to have a family like yours who understands what he’s going through and are loving and patient with him. Honestly, I had never thought about the skin issues causing the dog to not want to be touched. Thanks for the eye-opener. Amy


  4. Oh, Pebbles, Pebbles, Pebbles. Haven’t you learned that the humans always win? They’re so pig-headed and so much bigger than we are. You and your sister should just relax and enjoy next time. It’ll be worth it to come out looking so beautiful at the end of it all!

    Love and licks,

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  5. I’m going to say exactly what I thought when I read this. Some people just should not have dogs! Before I would let the dogs get in that condition I would buy a shaver and just shave them myself. Poor little babies and they probably never let get let outside for them to a poop like that. I have to leave I’m making myself angry. They look precious after they were cleaned up

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    1. I generally feel the same way. Their Mom is just now recovering from a lung transplant, and her daughters had to bring them. One of my other clients recommended me, and I suspect my lower rates helped. Mostly, I try to be grateful that the owners finally brings them for help.


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