Where, Oh Where Could my Mommy Have Gone?

Xena: Last Friday was the anniversary of our folks being married for 12 years. We thought maybe there would be a party with presents and ice cream and cake. Instead, Mommy kept talking to me about what a good time I was going to have at my Auntie Jen’s and Uncle Bill’s. And she kept telling me to please try to be nice and cuddle with Auntie Jen, ’cause it hurts her feelings when I only want Uncle Bill to hold me. This all sounded very suspicious and I made no promises.

Lucy: Mom told me, too, at the last minute before we got in the car, and I was so excited! I was going to see my BFF Ella and my boyfriend Achilles! I could hardly wait!

Xena: It’s a three hour drive to the other side of Nashville, and our dinner was very late. By the time we got there I was so hungry that I was shaking and crying. It was two hours past my suppertime, and it wasn’t even our “fast” day.

Lucy: I was so over-the-moon excited when we got there that Mom couldn’t even get my car harness off me. Ella and Achilles and I immediately started playing. After we got our supper and settled down a bit, Xena hid in the chair with Dad. Me and Achilles had been playing kissie face, and he asked me to come over to my Dad with him, ’cause he wanted to ask Dad something.

That’s when Achilles asked Dad if he could marry me! I thought I would faint for joy. Dad thought about it for a very long minute, and finally said we could be engaged. I think that’s almost married, so I was really, really happy. Xena wants to be an old spinster, but I want to be happily married like my Mom and Dad.

Xena: I don’t know what a spinster is, but I don’t like the sounds of that and I don’t want to be one. I just want to be independent. Why do you think I hate my harness so much? So quit calling me mean names just because I don’t want to play kissie face with every boy dog that comes along. Grrr.
So back to our trip. Morty the pig has gotten so much bigger. He weighs about 70 pounds now, the same as Riley. I upset him by barking and jumping at him. Lucy and I went somewhere safe.

Is Morty gone?

Yep, it’s safe to get down.

*A little later*

Achilles: Mr. Jeff, I need to tell you something. Come closer.
Achilles: *smooch* You are the bestest ever almost father-in-law.

Next thing we knew it was morning and Mommy and Daddy were carrying suitcases and stuff and going out the door. I just knew she was leaving me when she picked me up and handed me to Uncle Bill. It was terrible. I was afraid she’d never come back.

She promised she would be back, but it has been so long. Lucy doesn’t seem to care. She’d be just as happy living here. I will let you know real soon what happens. Love, Xena the desserted.

Lucy: Oh Xena, you’re so melodramatic. But you’re probably right. You’ve got those dark spots now, and, well, who knows? (te, he, he) Love, Lucy

33 thoughts on “Where, Oh Where Could my Mommy Have Gone?

  1. Lulu: “Happy belated anniversary to your Mommy and Daddy, Xena! And congratulations on getting engaged, Lucy! Maybe after you and Achilles get married you can go off on an anniversary trip and leave your Mommy and Daddy for Auntie Jen and Uncle Bill to look after. Turnabout is fair play, after all!”

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  2. OMD…She LEFT??? Without written permission?? How very rude!!
    We bet she comes back Xena…they can never stay away from our cuteness for too long!
    PeeEss…Congratulations on your engagement Lucy!!

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  3. Oh my Lucy you stop teasing your sister about Mom and not coming back. Exena your mama will be back. Don’t you worry. Thank you to all of you for letting me do you visiting Daddy and they almost father-in-law. Let us know if you’re going to have a big wedding. And I think you’re the perfect match.

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  4. Happy 12th Anniversary to your mom and dad!
    So Achilles finally asked the most important question of Lucy’s dad. And now the most beautiful girl is engaged with a handsome boy. Be happy forever!
    Lucy, take it easy, your humans come always back,you know that.
    PS. Mom saw me crying behind to sofa, so I got extra treats.

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      1. Xena, it makes it hard when you can’t see her. But just keep believing that she’ll be back and she will be before you know it. Cuddles sweet pup.
        PS belated Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad!

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