Where Oh Where Did Mommy Go Part 2

Xena: Days and nights passed in a fog. It seemed like I was waiting for years.

I passed the time running in their really huge back yard, faster and faster, trying to make time run faster too. (It was really fun.) I spent my nights cuddled between my Uncle Bill and Auntie Jen, pretending they were my folks. At least Mommy loved me enough to make up my meals ahead of time for Uncle Bill to put together and feed me.
Each day was much like the one before it.

I found it amusing to run up to that pig called Morty, bark, and run away. I’m too fast for him, so he would go after Lucy, who isn’t as fast in tight places. To get back at me, Lucy kept reminding me that she is now an engaged dog. (Like I care!) This started even before they left.

Meanwhile, my folks were off somewhere walking around neighborhoods where they saw scary plastic ghosts and witches.

They walked a mile to a restaurant where they ate Hawaiian pizza and glazed salmon and veggies while they watched students from Murray State University walk their dogs and ride their bikes. They went to a state park and walked a couple more miles until it was almost dark. And before all that they walked to the downtown farmer’s market and got me and Lucy almost a ton of frozen chicken necks! So they were thinking about me.

After almost two whole years days when I had about given up, I heard our car pull into the driveway. We all spent one more night at my Auntie Jen and Uncle Bill’s before it was time to go home. I saw the suitcases being packed and put by the back door. So did Lucy, who kept asking if she could stay, at least until Thanksgiving when everyone is coming to our house.

*hop, hop* Take me too, take me too! Pick me up! Don’t forget me! *hop, hop*

Achilles: Please don’t leave, Lucy.
Ella: I got my chair back.

This is Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess back home with my Mommy.

25 thoughts on “Where Oh Where Did Mommy Go Part 2

  1. there is nothing i rather do that read about and look at DOGS! so happy your adventure ended in a happily ever after, and with an engaged couple…. i am also a love of Home Sweet Home… congrats to the pawrentz on their mini-vacation….

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