Our Barkmitzvah on Almost Wordless Wednesday

Xena: We got Barkmitzvahed. So did all the other dogs there. One cat got Meowmitzvahed. Even our priest from St. Alban’s dog, Lanie, joined in. Does that make us all Jewish?
Lucy: No.

Lucy: I got blessed and prayed over and given my Hebrew name first, before Xena, cause I’m the oldest. My name, Ora, means light or shiny, ’cause of my beautiful furs and ’cause of the light I am in the world.
Xena: I got blessed and prayed over more ’cause I’m me. My Hebrew name is G’vurah, which means Warrior. Mommy changed it to Grrvurah. Everyone giggled and the Rabbi said that was fine

My new Hebrew name is Ora.
My new Hebrew name is Grrvurah.

We got lots of yummy treats the whole time. We wonder if everyone did.

Thanks to Comedy Plus 
for hosting the
Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop and to photographing New Zealand!

Love, light and grr’s,
Lucy and Xena

35 thoughts on “Our Barkmitzvah on Almost Wordless Wednesday

  1. Xena: I’m still trying to get a good word in for MYSELF. My name Xena means hospitable and everyone who knew me laughed, so Mommy used the Hebrew for my last name, Warrior. Maybe Lucy the Shining (Ora) can help you out.

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  2. Xena: No, no, it wasn’t for bats, it was for dogs, which is why they called it a BARK mitzvah.
    Lucy: Xe, you should be paying more attention while Mom’s working. What Miss Monika means it is for girls.
    Xena: Oh. Then I guess it was a bark bat mitzvah…

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  3. This is so exciting to get your new bar mitzvah names and I love both the names and it really excited me a lot because I have never done a zoom meeting if that’s what that was I in other words I’ve never been on any computer and talk to anybody other than one time on my tablet I talked to my son and his wife on Facebook chat. Love your new names

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