Sunday Selfie by Riley

We’re joining The Cat on My Head for their Sunday Selfie blog hop.

I never get to steal use Lexi’s blog any more since I moved out of the house with my Dad Andrew. I got to thinking about it and asked my friend Lucy (who I knew would say yes, as opposed to Xena who would have woofed not just no, but heck no!)

My Dad brought me over to Lucy’s house to get a good flea bath. The funny part was that he was almost done with my bath before anyone realized we were even here. I don’t really like baths (who does?) but I know they get rid of fleas and make me feel better and less itchy, so I consent to them. I’m 70 pounds of (mostly) muscle, so consent is pretty high up on the list when trying to get me to do stuff. Now if Lucy’s Mom had given me the bath, she would have put me in the big tub where I slip around and can’t fight very much when she cuts my nails. Dad didn’t bother with that this time, and he got a gentle reprimand from Lucy’s (and his) Mom when she saw how long they are. Hey lady, if you don’t like it, just don’t look at them, right? There was even something about “for my own good” thrown in there. She’s a groomer, so she thinks she knows this stuff.

Don’t you think I’m a handsome nine-year-old? I wanted to make the picture bigger, but there was something about blowing up phones, and I’m not a terriorist.

Dad stayed and ate supper with his Mom, then he left to take me home to feed me since there’s no kibble or canned dog food in the house. I love my Dad and he loves me. I’m his heart dog. It’s good to be someone’s heart dog.

XOX Riley (thanks, Lucy)

24 thoughts on “Sunday Selfie by Riley

  1. Mee-yow wow Riley yore THE hansumest man doggie mee knowss!! If mee were a doggie mee wuud want to go on a date with you! Fore reel.
    Yore Hu’man soundss like a sweet an wunderfull man. An beein a ❤ heart ❤ animal fore a Hu'man iss furry speshell.. then again YOU ARE furry speshell…
    Thanx Lucy fore lttin Riley do a post….it was grate to see him!!
    ***purrss*** an ~~head rubss~~BellaDharma~~

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  2. You are sooooooooo handsome, whatever the size of the photo… Beau is 12 lbs bigger than you, so we know about the nail cutting thing. we just let the vet techs do it, they know the ins and outs of how to handle big beautiful dogs. thank you Xena and Lucy for allowing Riley to borrow your blog

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